The Liberal Democrats set ambitious goal by committing to eliminate single-use plastics

The third-largest party in British politics stated in its election manifesto that it aims to completely eliminate non-recyclable, single-use plastics within three years and end plastic waste exports by 2030.

This is a significant challenge considering the relatively underdeveloped recycling infrastructure in the UK. They plan to replace plastics with affordable alternatives.

The Liberal Democrats also expressed their support for a UK-wide deposit return scheme, learning from the challenges faced by the Scottish scheme.

Furthermore, they called for accelerating the transition to a more circular economy, focusing on maximising the recovery, reuse, recycling, and remanufacturing of products.

They believe these steps would reduce costs for consumers and businesses, decrease exposure to volatile commodity prices, protect the environment, and create new jobs and enterprises.

The manifesto also committed to decentralising decision-making from Whitehall and Westminster by inviting local areas to take control of the services that matter to them most.

Picture caption: On 27th May, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey launched the Scottish LibDems general election campaign with parliamentarians, candidates and activists

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