Conservative election manifesto pledges to stop the construction of new waste incinerators

In their 2024 manifesto, the Conservative Party has made several commitments regarding the future of UK waste and resources management if elected on 4th July.

The manifesto pledges that the Government will take decisive action against waste criminals, particularly those affecting protected nature sites. The election document states, “We are dedicated to cracking down on organised waste crime, especially those that impact protected nature sites. We will implement stricter penalties for fly-tipping, providing councils with new tools to address offenders.”

Additionally, the current Government has reaffirmed its commitment to developing a UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme while endeavouring to minimise the impact on businesses and consumers.

In a noteworthy stance that seems to align with the current Defra Secretary of State’s opposition to the Wisbech incinerator in his constituency, the manifesto asserts: “We will prevent the construction of new waste incinerators, including those with recent permit approvals, and revoke permits where substantial construction has not yet commenced. This recognises the impact on local communities and acknowledges that increasing recycling rates will reduce the requirement for incineration capacity in the long term.”

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