Introducing ScrapBays – the App for scrap

If you frequently deal with scrap metal, you might sell to the same local buyer without knowing if other buyers are offering better prices. Perhaps you spend a lot of time searching for the best price for your metal type. But what if you could have both convenience and profit?

Introducing ScrapBays, a platform that lets you auction your metals with just a click. This app allows you to reach a larger pool of potential buyers, ensuring you get the best price for your metal. The money from the auction is held in an escrow-like account upon completion, reducing risks and ensuring you get paid on time when dealing with new trading partners.

ScrapBays’ mission is to encourage metal recycling by modernising and securing all trades within the scrap industry.

If you want to find out more, click HERE to check out ScrapBays or scan the QR code.

Sign up now and be part of the first wave. Take advantage of being one of the first sellers on the platform and maximise the money you get for your metal through our new online marketplace.

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