Green jobs: paving the way to a sustainable future

Today, as we celebrate World Environment Day (5th June), it’s important to recognise the critical challenge of the green skills gap hindering the UK’s ambitious environmental goals. Addressing the shortage of skilled professionals among younger generations in sectors such as renewable energy, waste management, water, contamination and sustainable construction is essential for further progress.

The organisers of the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS) would like to raise awareness of this issue. Industries represented at the event, from carbon capture to water treatment and air quality monitoring, all face the challenge of attracting and hiring qualified personnel. Without a skilled workforce powered by the particularly environmentally-minded younger generation, our ability to deliver on sustainability commitments will be severely hampered in the next 10 to 20 years.

The solution lies in robust education and training programmes. Collaboration between industry, government, and educational programmes is essential to develop clear pathways for individuals to acquire the necessary green skills and transition into these vital careers for our environment.

Good progress has been made, and the conversation is growing across all environmental sectors. We now have the means to deliver wider and more effective training schemes and bridge the gap, but businesses, policymakers, and educational bodies must urgently prioritise this. We can no longer afford to see attracting the next generation as a ‘future consideration’; we must collectively act now. By working together to serve the environment and create jobs, we can ensure our planet’s sustainable and resilient future.

To continue the conversation, the Future Talent Hub will offer educational sessions, career guidance, and networking opportunities at the ESS Expo, which will take place from 11th-12th September at the NEC, Birmingham. This dedicated zone will provide a place to connect the next generation with established industry leaders who will offer practical guidance to raise the profile of the vast and exciting world of green-centric careers.

At ESS Expo 2024, we want to change the narrative and close the job skills gap to ensure the industry continues its trajectory towards a more sustainable environment. To attend, click HERE to register today.

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