Morrisons rolls out Podback coffee pod recycling across its stores

Morrisons is introducing dedicated coffee pod collection points in over 350 stores nationwide in collaboration with Podback, the pod recycling service. The rollout of the new recycling points will commence in June.

With the launch of the in-store collection points, customers can drop off filled bags at Morrisons stores as part of their regular shopping trip.

In 2022, Morrisons became the first supermarket to support Podback by offering free coffee pod recycling bags in stores. In July 2023, a trial of in-store collection points was initiated in 29 stores.

Initially planned to run for eight weeks, the service was extended due to its popularity with customers, and plans were developed for a national rollout.

By the end of March this year, trial stores had collected over 42,300 kgs of pods, averaging 37 kg per store each week, equivalent to 2.8 million pods in total.

Zara Safdari, waste and sustainability manager at Morrisons, expressed her pleasure in extending the service to make it even easier for customers to recycle their used coffee pods.

Rick Hindley, executive director at Podback, stated that adding a national supermarket to their network of free recycling points is a significant step towards making pod recycling simple and convenient for lovers of pod coffee.

Through the Podback scheme, used aluminium and plastic pods are recycled in the UK. Aluminium is used to manufacture drink cans and car components, and plastic is used to manufacture a range of items, including packaging crates and building products.

The used coffee grounds are treated by anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy (biogas) and soil improver.

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