Veolia recycle 2022 FA Cup Final banner into drawstring bags and sports bibs

The London FA and the UK’s leading resource management company, Veolia, have donated recycled bibs and drawstring bags made from the 2022 FA Cup Final recycled pitch cover to local youth football clubs to support the London FA’s green developmental activities.

Veolia and the Football Association (FA) teamed up in 2022 to promote sustainability by creating a recycled plastic banner that unveiled the pitch for the 2022 FA Cup Final.

Veolia collected and sorted 47,600 plastic bottles from previous events at Wembley Stadium and recycled them into PET plastic yarn. This recycled material was then spun into the 2022 FA Cup Final’s 105-metre long and 68-metre wide match-day pitch cover, emblazoned with the two finalist teams’ logos.

Now, in 2024, in line with The FA’s Sustainability Strategy to Save Our Resources and Veolia’s regeneration of resources strategy, the banner has been repurposed into drawstring bags and sports bibs. These were donated to participants of the London Girls Cup Final and local London grassroots teams.

London FA Head of Partnerships Aquila Burgess commented: “We are delighted to be working with The FA and Veolia UK, who have helped support some of our developmental activities. We look forward to seeing this in practice and hope our clubs will benefit from this support.”

Gisela Endres, Veolia Senior Contract Manager, commented: “Supporting the 2022 FA Cup Final was just the start of the recycling journey for these plastic bottles, and it has been exciting to put sustainability first once more with this project.

“We have utilised our expertise to create bibs and bags for footballers all over the country to enjoy and showcase what can be achieved when regenerating resources.

“This is just one of the innovations we are working on to proudly support The London FA, and we are excited to continue finding sustainable solutions to make our game greener.”

This project supports the London FA’s green development activities and delivers carbon reductions, as recycling plastic typically saves up to 70% of the emissions associated with virgin material production.

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