Warwickshire residents block in fly-tippers caught in act

Warwickshire Police have detained a group of suspected fly-tippers after they dumped large piles of rubbish on Packington Estate’s Maxstoke Lane near Meriden last Wednesday (8th February).

The force described it as “some of the worst fly-tipping we had seen in a long time”.

Residents blocked in the vans used for the fly-tipping, but the police urged witnesses to report incidents instead of taking matters into their own hands.

The responsibility of cleaning up the mess falls on the local council. Two men were detained and instructed to reload their vehicles with rubbish following the incident. Once the vans were loaded, they were escorted from the scene and seized under the Environmental Act.

Police officers from the Warwickshire Rural Crime Team have taken on the investigation and prosecution case.

Caption: Individuals were supervised when “cleaning up their mess”, police said. (Image: WARWICKSHIRE POLICE)

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