Coca-Cola removes Sprite labels in new recycling trial

Coca-Cola is currently conducting a limited trial of ‘label-less’ packaging for Sprite and Sprite Zero on-the-go bottles.

The labels will be replaced with an embossed logo on the front of the pack. Laser-engraved product and nutritional information will be provided on the back of the pack.

The company claims this will simplify the recycling process, although the existing labels are fully recyclable. The pilot aims to reduce the amount of packaging material used overall.

James Bull, head of packaging and food waste strategy at Tesco, said: “This trial of label-less packaging by Sprite is a great example of how brands are innovating to provide those solutions.”

The bottles will be available at eight Tesco Express stores in Brighton and Hove, Bristol, London, and Manchester until March 2024. The clear, 100% recycled PET bottles (less the caps) will feature green and transparent attached caps, identifying them as Sprite or Sprite Zero, respectively. The trial could contribute to longer-term changes in how brands communicate with consumers.

Allison Ogden-Newton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, added: “It’s clear that, as a society, we need to reduce, reuse and recycle more, and waste less. Everyone, including businesses, needs to be part of the solution. We welcome this exciting and innovative trial.”

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