Sheffield wants to delay food waste collections to 2038

The implementation of a food waste collection scheme in Sheffield has been postponed for up to 15 years.

The city council conducted a pilot of the scheme with 8,200 households as part of a recycling reform in the summer of 2022. However, the council has requested a delay in providing a weekly food waste collection service, which was mandated by the Government in October 2021 and has to be implemented by March 2026. The reason for the delay is due to the council’s existing contract with Veolia, the waste collection firm.

Currently, households in Sheffield receive separate bin collections for non-recyclable waste, paper and card, as well as glass, cans and plastic bottles. Additionally, households can opt for a chargeable green bin service to recycle garden waste.

The introduction of the food waste collection scheme would require households to receive a small kitchen caddy along with an additional outside bin. The Government hopes that this initiative will simplify recycling and reduce the number of bins.

Sheffield City Council’s Waste and Street Scene Committee has requested the Government to defer their food waste collection scheme until 2038, coinciding with the end of the council’s contract with Veolia.

The committee’s report cites the need for new vehicles, additional staff, and infrastructure development. If the deferral is granted, the council plans to use the £3m allocated for food waste in 2025/26 for alternative climate change projects.

The Government will contact the council annually to discuss the possibility of introducing the scheme earlier.

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