ELWA and Wastecare host ‘Jumbo the Battery Elephant’ in East London shopping centres

The East London Waste Authority (ELWA) has partnered with Wastecare Group, a leading waste recycling provider, to host their Take Charge campaign across four London Boroughs during 2023 Recycling Week.

The Take Charge campaign, hosted across Recycling Week from 16th – 22nd October, is a nationwide incentive to promote the safe recycling of batteries to avoid the risk of fires associated with improper disposal. Like many major urban areas, London faces a growing challenge with the improper disposal of batteries, which contain hazardous materials that can harm the environment if not managed correctly. ELWA, in partnership with Wastecare, are taking proactive steps to address this issue by embarking on a mission to educate Londoners about the significance of recycling batteries.

Alongside digital campaigns to raise awareness, the Waste Prevention Programme team at ELWA and the four Constituent Councils have been touring the boroughs of Havering, Newham, Redbridge, and Barking and Dagenham, with the colossal ‘Jumbo the Battery Elephant.’

Visitors will have the opportunity to chat with the team on how and where to safely dispose of their batteries and small electrical appliances across East London and drop off their used batteries next to Jumbo himself. These batteries will be responsibly collected and processed by Wastecare Group to ensure proper recycling and disposal.

Take Charge aims to foster a sense of community engagement and responsibility, encouraging residents to actively participate in the safe recycling of batteries and other potentially hazardous small appliances, such as vapes, to reduce fire risk in residual waste and dry recycling collection vehicles and waste treatment facilities.

Mr Matt Stoneman, Sales Director of Wastecare, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating: “We believe that by bringing Jumbo the Battery Elephant to London’s bustling shopping centres, we can make a meaningful impact in raising awareness about the importance of battery recycling. Together with ELWA, we are committed to creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for London.”

This unique collaboration between ELWA and Wastecare demonstrates their shared dedication to environmental responsibility and community education. For more information about ELWA’s appropriate battery recycling campaign, click HERE

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