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In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management, BlakerTech is prominent in transforming metal recycling practices. Our innovative solutions reduce waste and enhance profitability for our clients. The significance of retrieving substantial volumes of non-ferrous metals from dry recyclables cannot be overstated. Beyond monetary gains, this approach alleviates the burden of escalating waste disposal costs, curtails landfill utilisation and plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our environment.

At the core of BlakerTech’s commitment lies the manufacturing of advanced equipment tailored for the metal recycling industry. Our MagThro™ eddy current system and SandFlo™ fluidised bed separator exemplify simplicity and resilience, proving their mettle in demanding industrial environments worldwide.

MagThro™- A superior force
The MagThro eddy current separator is a high-energy magnetic recycling system made from top-grade components. It removes non-ferrous metals from mixed materials in one step using a dry process.
Key features include:

  • Utilisation of high-grade components.
  • Fitted with 12-pole magnetic shafts.
  • Harnesses the power of neodymium rare earth magnets.
  • Integrating a fully adjustable eccentric rotor optimises magnetic force and bolsters recovery rates.
  • Versatile options of a two or three-way splitter to align with client preferences.
  • Belt widths range from 500mm to 1500mm.
  • Easily adjustable main belt can be replaced without disturbing the ECS rotor.
  • Comprehensive accessory stock, including rotors, drums, hoppers, shakers, splitters, conveyors, drum magnets and eddy currents.

SandFlo™- Redefining density-based separation
The SandFlo is a simple fluidised bed separator that uses aerated sand to separate small fragments of non-ferrous metal, screened to 50mm, by density.
Sand particles pass through perforated flights (which can be fitted with 4mm or 6mm screening options) and end up at the feed point, continuously re-circulating around an annular trough.
The SandFlo is ideal for recovering high-value aluminium, zinc, copper and brass fragments from mixed non-ferrous metals in processing plants.
Here are some of the noteworthy attributes of the SandFlo:

  • Only requires a single operator and can recover 2 – 2.5 tonnes of material per hour.
  • By saving costs on manual pickers, SandFlo typically pays for itself within 18 months.
  • Sand can be cleaned and reused.
  • An environmentally friendly, dry process with no contaminated effluent to treat.
  • A proven commercial solution for upgrading non-ferrous fragmented scrap.

Global impact and local craftsmanship
BlakerTech’s impact resonates worldwide, with installations in diverse locations such as Iceland, Dubai, USA and the Republic of Ireland. Our case studies on our website offer a comprehensive insight into the transformative power of MagThro and SandFlo
Both MagThro and SandFlo systems are meticulously crafted by hand in the United Kingdom at our manufacturing facility in the South East of England. Our commitment extends beyond production, encompassing comprehensive installation, training and support services.

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