Pledge2Recycle Plastics & RECOUP collaborate with Fun Kids to launch ‘Sort it out’ summer programme

Pledge2Recycle Plastics and RECOUP are delighted to announce their collaboration with Fun Kids, the UK’s radio station for children, to introduce an engaging and educational programme, ‘Sort it out’, designed for children during the summer holidays and beyond.

‘Sort it out’ aims to inspire young minds to learn about recycling plastics and sustainability in a fun and interactive way. With the support of Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics’ endearing mascot, ‘Monty’, Fun Kids has produced a series of fantastic podcasts that will captivate children and foster their understanding of environmental responsibility. Through entertaining storytelling and informative content, children will discover the importance of recycling and how they can contribute to a greener future.

Gregory Watson, Managing Director at Fun Kids, said: “In today’s busy world with many competing things distracting children, it can be hard to get important messages across. We had great fun working with Pledge 2 Recycle Plastics and RECOUP to create bespoke audio content to help open children’s ears and eyes to plastic recycling in a fun and accessible style.” Parents and caregivers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to educate and entertain their children during the summer holidays. The ‘Sort it out’ podcasts can be accessed through Fun Kids’ official website at Pledge2Recycle Plastics Sort it Out – Fun Kids – the UK’s children’s radio station

Carly Dadge, Communications and Marketing Manager at RECOUP, shared their enthusiasm for the project, stating: “We believe that fostering environmental awareness from an early age is essential for building a sustainable future. Collaborating with Fun Kids allows us to reach a wide audience of young learners and instil in them a passion for plastic recycling and protecting our planet.”

Join us in celebrating this exciting partnership and take advantage of the enriching content offered through ‘Sort it out’. Let’s inspire the next generation to be environmentally conscious and create a brighter future for all.

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