Pot Noodle trials paper packaging with Tesco

Pot Noodle is trialling paper packaging across 500,000 of its Chicken & Mushroom flavoured pots exclusively in Tesco.

The paper packaging, which has been in development by Pot Noodle owner Unilever for three years, will remain the same shape as the original plastic pots.

Made from FSC-certified paper, the pots feature a single layer of plastic film, which acts as a protective barrier, which ensures ingredients remain fresh and protects the paper when water is added. However, Unilever says this doesn’t inhibit the recyclability of the pot. It says the new pots can be recycled at home with other cardboard and paper and include on-pack recycling labels to provide clear guidance to UK shoppers on how to dispose of the packaging.

Unilever’s General Manager of Foods (Nutrition) in the UK & Ireland, Andre Burger, stated that Pot Noodle, a well-loved brand in Britain for over 40 years, is constantly finding ways to improve its products and packaging while maintaining its great taste.

He added that the company is committed to reducing plastic in its packaging and transitioning to a paper-based future without sacrificing the Pot Noodle experience consumers know and love. The trial will be used to gain shopper feedback, and if it’s successful, the aim is to switch the full Pot Noodle range to paper pots – a move which, once complete, could remove 4,000 tonnes of virgin plastic each year.

Earlier this year, the Government announced that the Plastic Packaging Tax is set to be reformed to catalyse funding for chemical recycling innovations needed to develop solutions for harder-to-recycle items.

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