LondonEnergy supports sustainable art exhibition

LondonEnergy has partnered with ‘The University of Hertfordshire Collective’ to host an inspiring new sustainable art exhibition at The Truman Brewery, London.

The exhibition – Modern Materials – runs from Friday, 30th June, until Sunday, 2nd July and will focus on sustainable techniques to showcase ways to reduce waste, recycle and redefine used objects into contemporary art.

The Collective features 20 artists from the University who have just completed their final degree show and have been working on their ecology project since 2021. This has involved researching and creating art using recycled materials such as plastic, textiles, reclaimed wood and other waste products to create new pieces of artwork.

Students attending a modern materials
workshop using recycled canvases
donated by LondonEnergy

“Part of being an artist is knowing how to hold a sustainable practice. I feel that using reused materials and giving objects new life is becoming a massive part of the artistic-making process, encouraging the public to look at something that was once considered as rubbish and giving it a platform to represent itself as something new. It is inspiring as an artist to see a material completely transform,” said University of Hertfordshire Collective member Rosie Stevens.

LondonEnergy’s sponsorship will provide funding for materials, the production of artwork, and promotional materials. It will also help fund a series of creative experiential Party & Paint events, the first of which was a massive success with over 100 students creating fantastic art. Further events will take place across London until July.

Jim Kendal, Managing Director, said: “We are proud to be able to play our part in bringing together a collection of sustainable art and raising awareness of the importance of reuse. We are also delighted to work with the University of Hertfordshire artists who share many of our values regarding reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste.”

The artists recently visited LondonEnergy’s ReUse Shop in Chingford to source items to rework into art pieces for the exhibition and use in the Paint & Party events. The Reuse shop diverts around 24 tonnes of ‘waste’ a year from landfill, extending its lifecycle and keeping materials circulating in the economy.

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