Food producers and retailers seek delay for (EPR) recycling reforms

Several retailers and food manufacturers in the UK are requesting for a delay in the Government’s recycling reforms set to take effect next year.

According to The Guardian, bosses have used the recent Downing Street crisis talks to ask ministers to pause the launch of the UK packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme.

Starting in 2024, EPR will be implemented for companies that earn over £1 million and sell their own-branded products, import packaged products, or distribute non-UK-made plastic goods through an online marketplace.

These businesses must report their packaging waste data beginning in January and cover the entire waste disposal expense by April.

However, industry leaders have cautioned that this will result in an additional £1.7bn in costs annually, which may be passed on to consumers through higher food prices.

The British Retail Consortium has called for the Government to “urgently rethink” the recycling reforms, while Iceland has warned that new regulations are driving up costs for retailers and urged the Government to pause and reconsider.

Picture caption: The environmental reforms would force retailers and food manufacturers to pay for collecting and recycling household packaging waste

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