Woman behind food sharing app wins entrepreneurial award

Tessa Clarke, the co-founder of a food sharing app, has recently won the Bold Woman award from Veuve Clicquot in recognition of her exceptional entrepreneurial skills.

She is the 51st woman to receive this prestigious award and was praised for her inspirational work in co-creating Olio, a platform that has helped over seven million people and established partnerships with major food retailers.

Olio’s mission is to combat food waste by “rescuing and redistributing” food, and they have saved over 100 million portions of food from going to waste.

According to Tessa Clarke, her motivation for starting Olio was to contribute towards finding a solution to one of the world’s biggest issues, and she’s thrilled with the positive response it has received from many individuals.

The company has already achieved some impressive accomplishments, and Tessa aspires to encourage more bold and innovative female entrepreneurs in the future.

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