Burnley Council consolidates fleet and driver monitoring in one system

Burnley Council has equipped its entire Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) and sweeper fleet, comprising 17 vehicles, with live camera systems and has switched to a web-based software system to track, monitor and scrutinise vehicles and drivers.

Tom Ormerod, Contract Manager, Streetscene, Burnley Council, said: “We had previously used a different supplier for some camera systems but there were too many issues and the call-out charges became too costly for us. So, we decided to switch to Fleetclear, starting with seven RCVs and then once we had trialled the system, we rolled it out across our entire RCV and sweeper fleet.

“All the information we need is now easily accessed on one system. We can track our entire fleet in real-time, receive operational alerts, search, and retrieve recorded footage, scrutinise fuel efficiency, optimise routes and monitor driver safety. We also receive automatic equipment health status reports, so we know if there are any problems with any of the cameras.

“We also use the system to assist with driver training. We can check the number of reversing alerts for example and check that a banksman is being utilised. We can then address any health and safety best practice issues as part of our ongoing training programme.”

The council is so impressed with Fleetclear that it will be specifying the system on its next vehicle procurement contract.

Tom added: “We are delighted with the system. Authorised staff members can connect to the system from anywhere; all they need is an internet connection.”

James Attrell, Fleetclear: “We are pleased that our products and software are assisting Burnley Council in improving the safety and efficiency of its fleet. Our customers and partners play an important role in helping us develop safety technology and a software platform that meets their specific needs. We look forward to supporting Burnley to make sure they maximise all the benefits that the system offers.”

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