April’s Skip Hunk lives life to the fullest

Hello. Please tell the readers your name and the company you work for.
Rory Alan John Finn, aged 42. I work at SunSkips Stowmarket Skip Hire as a Class 2 HGV Driver.

How long have you been there and what does your job entail?
Just over two years now, delivering and collecting skips from building sites, commercial properties and private households.

What’s the best thing about working at SunSkips?
I love being out on the open road, seeing the seasons change, keeping fit as it’s quite a manual job and the challenges of squeezing in tight driveways.

…And the worst?
The weather, when it chucks it down just as you get on-site, especially muddy building sites, but I have learnt to wait and see if it blows over every now and then.

That’s a common answer from our Skip Hunks. What’s the one day at work you’ll never forget?
The day I found our cat Sunny, who was just a tiny kitten hiding in our cardboard pile after being abandoned by the rest of his family that lived in our yard. He has made a great pet, and the story made the local newspaper and radio station, we were famous!

Er, excuse me! The story also featured in our magazine too. Seeing as Sunny is so cute we’ll let you off. Where will we find you when the working day is over?
I love being outdoors, so I’m very often out on one of my many mountain bikes with friends, in fact, I’m doing the London to Brighton Off-Road cycle ride this year for the British Heart Foundation. Other than that, I have built a self-build camper, and my wife and I get away in it as often as possible, especially to Scotland as it’s our favourite place.

The ideal transport for those quick spur-of-the-moment weekends away. We’re giving you some superhero powers, what would you like?
The ability to fly, but not too high, as I’m not great with heights. It would be lovely to reach remote places most people haven’t seen.

What song sums you up?
Tiesto – Adagio for Strings. I love dance music, and this is huge, plus it’s based on the original released in 1938 but sounds like it could be from 1738. An interesting song, check out the full seven-minute version. This sums up my eclecticism quite nicely.

Great choice. I remember him doing a remix of William Orbit’s version. Now, share with us something interesting about yourself.
I have found I can learn nearly anything very easily. I’ve had a lot of different types of careers before this one and have always been successful in them. This does always make me wonder what I could still achieve in the future as I have boundless energy, and a mind that runs at a million miles an hour, always planning and thinking about projects.

Sounds like you would make a great Prime Minister. Rishi, watch this space. Sum yourself up in three little words.
Energetic, enthusiastic and eclectic.

If you could have a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Canada, Greenland, Switzerland… I love anywhere with mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls… Hence why we love Scotland so much.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest?
Isambard Kingdom Brunel or maybe Fred Dibnah. I love engineering and machinery, along with things to do with the Industrial Revolution, I think both these chaps would be able to answer any questions I may have.

Words to live by! But have you ever met anyone famous in real life?
A few people over the years, I’ll show my age… Frank Bruno, John Major and Mo from a Big Brother series way back when. My wife always rubs it in that she’s met Guy Martin a few times. As per my last answer, you can see why I’m envious.

When your lottery numbers come up, what are you going to buy?
A fleet of interesting retro or fast cars, I’m a fan of those too. But of course, a sensibly-sized house or two in stunning, secluded locations, plus a few trips to places that are normally out of our budget.

Now, before you go, make us laugh…
What does a donkey get for lunch at Blackpool? – About half an hour.

A classic! All that remains is to say thanks for being a super Skip Hunk!

You can donate to Rory’s charity cycle ride in September by clicking HERE

SunSkips are based in Stowmarket Suffolk. Find out more at www.sunskips.co.uk

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