March’s Skip Hunk, Kyle is a real adrenaline junkie

Hi! Introduce yourself to our readers please.
Kyle Revell (Rev). I’m 30 years-old and I work for Norman Wenn Skip Hire in Norfolk as one of the skip lorry drivers.

Tell us how long you’ve been there and what does the job involve?
I have worked here for four years now, day to day I drive around the beautiful Norfolk coast hunting down delivery and collection addresses all while avoiding manhole covers, low wires and TREES! After I have collected a skip it’s a hop skip and jump back to the yard to deliver the goods for the guys in the yard to sort through.

Sounds like you need a second pair of eyes! What do you like about working there?
The best thing about working here is the satisfaction you get when you get to a rather tight job and come out of it with no damage and the look on the customer’s face when they thought there was no way you would pull it off. Other than that, driving around the picturesque countryside is just amazing there is so much to see and you wouldn’t get that stuck behind a desk.

Coming from someone who lives in the city I’m very jealous. How about the worst bits of the job?
I would say the worst thing would have to be the dust in the summer and the mud in the winter. Getting out of the truck and landing in a big puddle on your first job of the day isn’t the best and it’s no fun having wet feet for the rest of the day.

Very true, we’ve all been there in some sort of way. What’s the one day at work you’ll never forget?
It would have to be when I collected a skip that had a little furry rat in it that decided to jump out of the skip mid-air land on my shoulder, hop off and then scurry off into the Norfolk countryside to hunt for his next skip to jump out of.

I don’t like how animals somehow find their way into skips, it doesn’t always have a happy ending so I’m glad it managed to escape back into the wild. How do you spend your free time outside of work?
I spend most of it making amazing memories with my beautiful wife and two boys. When I’m not doing that I am a keen runner and recently completed the largest obstacle course in the world 20 miles and over 200 obstacles. I also took part in the London Marathon last October which was amazing.

That explains why you look in good shape in your picture. Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
Probably attempting to cut my hair during Covid and making a complete hash of it, eventually ending up with no hair at all!

Let’s talk romance: tell us about your ideal date night?
A nice meal out with the wife and a walk along Cromer Beach to walk it off. Then a few drinks in the garden under the stars in front of the fire pit made from an old washing machine drum I got out of a skip.

How romantic, the washing machine part obviously!!… How about some superhero powers? What would you love to have?
A mind reader so I could read my wife’s mind when she says ‘fine’ ….does she really mean it?

Yes, we all could do with that one. What song sums you up?
Whatever it Takes, by Imagine Dragons, because I refuse to give up on things.

Great song, you’ve obviously got ‘adrenaline in your veins’. Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.
I can ski on one leg. I discovered this when my uncle’s ski snapped in half going down a black run, I lent him one of mine so he could get down the mountain.

I think you should put yourself forward as the next James Bond! Can we interest you in a dream holiday? Where would you love to go?
I would go to South Africa on a safari, the beautiful views and seeing the animals in their natural habitat would be amazing.

And maybe another encounter with a little furry animal? Alive or dead – who would be your ideal dinner guest and why?
I would have Winston Churchill and see what he makes of how this country is being run today.

I guess that would be a very interesting discussion. You’ve won the Lottery. How would you spend your winnings?
I would buy myself an Aston Martin Vanquish, a big house and all the mod cons to go inside it.

James Bond’s favourite car too! Make us laugh… give us your best joke.
What kind of exercise do lazy people do? Diddly squats!

On that note, thanks for being a super Skip Hunk!

Norman Wenn Skip Hire are base in Norfolk.
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