A FORS you can trust

After 12 months of transition and transformation, FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is ready to deliver real change on the ground for its accredited operators in 2023. 

The scheme’s flagship project this year is the ‘Future of Accreditation’, where a quality customer experience will be created by removing unnecessary complexity and creating transparency in audit and quality assurance processes. FORS will be more accessible, have simpler routes to accreditation and will be easier to understand. The project also aims to provide regulatory and enforcement agencies with more confidence in the FORS Standard and its auditing process.

Changes are also afoot within the FORS Professional training portfolio, arguably the transport industry’s most comprehensive training resource for drivers and fleet managers. In 2022 alone, FORS has funded 1,637 courses for drivers, trained 4,607 managers, and delivered 130,104 eLearning courses and 265 FORS Practitioner courses. To date, 3,277 individuals have ‘graduated’ from the FORS Practitioner programme.

Courses for managers have been fully redesigned for 2023, delivering bang-up-to-date content in line with the latest industry legislation. The FORS Practitioner programme – a distinct set of ten courses aimed specifically at fleet management – has received a full technical and creative makeover, and the addition of new courses and requirements will see the programme become more flexible and accessible later this year.

With over 15 years of experience as the UK’s most recognised accreditation scheme, FORS today serves circa 4,700 accredited operators (representing 94,000 vehicles) each benefitting from the FORS best practice mandate to improve safety, increase efficiency and foster an environmentally conscious mindset.

The result is FORS offering the most attractive proposition for operators looking to become accountable through best practice and to secure new business wins with contractors and other specifiers who demand excellence in fleet operations as a prerequisite.

With respect to alternative schemes, FORS is keen for operators to look at the marketplace before ‘signing up’, confident that they will see that FORS offers a substantially greater benefits package and is a unique proposition for operators. Again, with 15 years of growth, FORS has established rock-solid foundations. Moreover, with its substantial range of training, guidance and support services at its disposal, FORS has a strong claim to the title of being the industry’s principal fleet accreditation scheme.

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