Mark is January’s Skip Hunk. Don’t stop him now!

GRAB your air guitars and say hello to rockerboy Skip Hunk Mark Paskins from CB Skips.

Hello and happy new year! Who do we have here?
I’m Mark Paskins, 59.

Great to meet you. Where might our readers know you from?
I’ve been at CB Skips in Salisbury for just over 10 years now. I’m the yard manager which means operating machinery and a lot of babysitting my staff.

Quite right! Got to keep the troops in line. What’s a typical day like?
I thoroughly enjoy my work here; I get a lot of respect from my team and customers. Although I spend the majority of my time drinking tea in the office and talking rubbish, every day is different. I’m always pulling pranks on people.

Anything that’s not so much fun?
Having to clean the toilets which is usually a daily task of mine.

It’s a dirty job – but someone has to, I suppose. Any particular day at work stand out in your mind?
The day I lost the keys to the work van and I had to go through our rubbish pile to find them.

I bet you had to shower twice after all that! Where can we find you outside of work?
I’m a bit of a romantic and there’s nothing more I like doing than walking along the beach with my husband in the evenings, or a trip to the cinema while sharing popcorn.

And they say romance is dead! Have you ever done anything spontaneous and wild?
I climbed onto one of the stones from Stonehenge at a solstice many years ago.

Iconic! We’re sure the ancient druids did the same. Speaking of which, if they granted you magic powers, what would you ask for?
The ability to pause time as I’m always late to things.

Great for those winter mornings when you want just one more hour in bed, eh? What’s your theme tune?
The Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen. It’s an absolute banger.

Rock on! Tell us something surprising about you.
I can do an amazing Elvis impression.

Really? So you’d say you were quite ‘Elvish’? [You’re fired – Ed] Apart from Tennessee (you might get mistaken for the King…) where else would you like to go for a getaway?
I’m not a fan of going abroad so Devon, because I lived there for many years and it’s the best place in the world.

Well, Belinda Carlisle did tell us Devon is a place on Earth! We think. If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
Freddie Mercury: he was a legend and a role model.

Absolutely. He knew how to rock’n’roll. Have you met any legends in person?
Chris Wolstenholme, the lead guitarist from Muse. I asked if he plays pubs and clubs and he replied: “No, I’m headlining Glastonbury Festival this Saturday.”

Whoops, that’s you told. Now, how will you spend your millions when your ship comes in?
I’m a huge animal person so I’d start up an animal charity for those with no home.

No-one gives unconditional love like an animal. Before you go, hit us with your favourite joke.
Did you hear about the two thieves who stole a calendar? They got six months each.

Time for us to make a swift exit! But thanks for being a cracking Skip Hunk!

CB Skips is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Find out more at:

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