January’s Skip Chick twins Amy and Becs are double trouble

CHEEKY girls Amy and Becs from TC Skips in Staffordshire are a real twinning combination.

Hello ladies. Who have we here?
(AE) I’m Amy Edwardson (the brunette), 39, Office Manager and general office dogsbody.
(BK) I’m Becky Karling (the blonde), 39, Transport Manager and general shepherd keeping the lads in check.

Lovely to meet you both. What’s it like working together?
(AE) We love working together. There’s always lots of banter in the office (don’t tell our Dad – Big TC).
(BK) It’s a family business so we’re all very close – and the lads who work for us are like family too.

Sounds a lot of fun. What’s the worst part of the job?
(AE) Getting so mucky. I always used to dress up for my office jobs – heels and all. I miss my heels!
(BK) The weather in winter!

Well, I think my wellies are pretty glamorous… Ever had any awkward moments at work?
(AE) I once hit one of the lads’ cars in the carpark – twice. Oops.
(BK) I once forgot to put the handbrake on my pickup and it rolled down past the office and hit a wall.

Sounds like you both had the same driving instructor too! Where can we find you outside work?
(AE) Probably shopping. I am obsessed; I love a shopping lunch-day with prosecco (normally with Mum).
(BK) Most weekends I’ll be showjumping with the horses.

Sounds like you’re both perfectly kitted out for a day at Ascot! Let’s set you girls up with a dream date…
(AE) A nice posh restaurant so I can get all dressed up (obvs with heels), cocktails and Mr Bridgerton, please!
(BK) I’ll take a picnic in the countryside on a summer evening with Gerrard Butler.

You both have excellent taste! Now tell us a fun fact about yourselves.
(AE) I know all the postcodes in Staffordshire! I am a nerd, lol, but it comes with the job.
(BK) I can beat men at arm wrestles with my left arm!

Now there are talents you can take to the bank. Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to plan this year’s holidays. Where would you love to go?
(AE) I love animals, so I would love to go on safari.
(BK) The Galapagos Islands for the rare wildlife and unspoilt beauty.

Always nice to have creature comforts on holiday! Have either of you ever met a famous face?
(AE) Teddy Sheringham on holiday in Greece. He still looks great for his age!
(BK) Martin Clunes – he is a massive horse lover.

You do move in exclusive circles. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, living or dead?
(AE) I would love to have Fleetwood Mac. I love their music and have seen them live lots of times.
(BK) Margaret Thatcher – a fascinating and strong-willed lady. Also, Bridget Jones because she reminds me of me.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that party! Finally, hit us with your favourite joke.
(AE) What do most cows like to read? Cattle-logs!
(BK) What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum? A meltdown!

Fantastic. Thank you both for being cracking Skip Chicks.

TC Skip Hire is based in Staffordshire. Find out more at: www.tcskiphire-stoke.co.uk

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