Shire Aggregates’ major investment in 18 new Thompson tippers

SHIRE Aggregates, part of the North East – based ReadyMix Group, is now benefiting from the arrival of 18 new 8×4 tippers, all featuring Thompsons’ market leading Loadmaster Lite bodywork.

The new trucks mark a major investment by ReadyMix, which took over Shire as a dedicated aggregates business just over a year ago. Renewal of their tipper fleet now gives the combined ReadyMix  / Shire operation a fleet of over 50 HGVs, enabling it to offer its clients a full service for both concrete and aggregate products.

Of the new tippers, 14 are C Range Renaults with the remaining 4 Volvo FMXs, all of which have had their bodies built by Thompsons’ northern factory in Blackburn. 

ReadyMix Commercial Director Scott Woolston notes: “One way or another, we’ve known Thompsons for years – their bodies are simply the best you can buy. Thanks to a combination of  top notch materials and unmatched build quality we now have tippers that can give us outstanding standards of reliability and versatility. No two days are ever the same in this business, and our trucks have to be able to handle that easily and without compromise.”

Over the years, Thompsons’ Loadmaster has come through many iterations, with the latest Loadmaster Lite now easily the UK’s top selling tipper body. A single skin all – steel design, it still affords a 19 tonnes plus payload potential when fitted to the great majority of UK – spec 8×4 chassis. As such, Loadmaster Lite finds great favour with both traditional payload – hungry aggregates hauliers as well as more onerous taskmasters typically working in site clearance, muckaway and recycling.

Notable too on Shire’s new tippers is a super – smart modern livery, strongly promoting the company brand to both the industry and the public at large. “We really want people to see that we are up there with the best in our business” says Scott, “as well a clear leader in our region. The Group now has four operating sites, three on Teesside and one in Leeds, and our future plans are very much about continuous, steady growth. 

In this environment – and to meet our objectives – the quality of our vehicle fleet has to be paramount. Performance really is everything. In a nutshell, that’s why we choose Thompsons.”

Speaking for Thompsons, Sales Manager for Northern England and Scotland Scott Dunn comments: “We were delighted to win this business from Shire and have all the operating benefits of choosing the latest Loadmaster Lite so clearly expressed by such a go-ahead company. 

Thompsons is always fully committed to delivering the best possible product solutions for every area of the UK tipper industry, and with premium parts and service support to match.”

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