Skip Chick of the year 2022 – Michelle Hammond

SHE was our fab Feb Skip Chick with a smile as bright as Rudolph’s nose – Santa hats off to our Skip Chick of 2022: Michelle Hammond, 29-years-and-18-months, from Norman Wenn Skip Hire.

Hi Michelle! Congratulations on being crowned this year’s winning Skip Chick. How does it feel to be the crème de la crème?
WOOHOO! I was really surprised to get the call saying that I’d been crowned Skip Chick of the Year. I feel very proud and happy to be chosen!

Well, you did yourself proud. Did you get a good reaction from others back in February to winning Chick of the Month?
Being ‘Skip Chick of the Month’ has been a very good conversation piece over the last year. Not many people out there get the opportunity to be featured in a magazine, let alone get the honour of being a Skip Chick!

Quite right too; this is a highly prestigious club you’ve been admitted to! What about your workmates – did they throw any jokes your way?
Ha, yes! There has been a lot of encouragement – and not forgetting a lot (and I mean a lot) of banter and laughter at work! It’s brought a lot of smiles to many faces inside and outside the office.

Well, you’ll get to bathe in that glory all over again! Now, tell us what you’ve been up to since we spoke to you in Feb?
If I’m honest, it began by being a bit of a rollercoaster and I was very apprehensive about turning the dreaded ‘3 0’ this year. But since my birthday in June, my life has only changed for the better and long may it continue!

Pah, you’re still a spring chicken at ‘3 0’, then. What else has made you smile this year? I have had many highlights and smiles this year (all thanks to certain someone – it may sound cheesey but it’s true). How could you not have a smile on your face when you got to go on holiday to the Caribbean?

Really not sure what I’ve done to become so lucky.

Oh really? Good to hear love has blossomed for you! I trust you have a cosy Christmas planned?
The best thing about the festive season for me is being surrounded by those I love and who matter the most to me (and indulging in lots of festive food, of course!). Oh, and I’ll be volunteering as a Christmas Elf!

It certainly does suit you…
Thanks. As a side note, all featured Christmas items and decorations you see in this pic were recycled or reclaimed from skips!

Never mind a white Christmas – we always salute a green one! Now, what’s your Christmas wish?
Sadly, the one thing I’d wish for can’t be granted as you can’t bring loved ones back from Heaven. So instead, I would wish for health, wealth, and happiness for all of those around me – and wouldn’t it be magical to see some snow on Christmas Day?

Fingers crossed all that comes true! So what does 2023 have in store for you?
I plan to continue enjoying each day as it comes and look forward to hopefully making lots more happy memories! (Everything crossed for another holiday…)

I do hope your holiday-granting elf reads this! Finally, what advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for Skip Chick 2023?
Just go for it – why not? Tomorrow is never promised; enjoy the little things while you can. It’s a really good laugh.

Wise words! Have a great Christmas and enjoy your reign!

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