Cromwell’s bag donation to local dog rescue, Woodhaven

CROMWELL POLYTHENE continues to support their local community Sherburn in Elmet, an area they have called home for over 20 years. During their residency Cromwell has regularly participated in many community activities, such as sponsoring the local sporting teams, undertaking local litter picks and donating bags, sacks and liners to charity organisations. Cromwell has continued this support by donating a supply of t-shirt style bags to the Woodhaven Kennels & Cattery in South Milford, which are ideal for capturing and containing animal waste.

Cromwell Polythene’s family heritage has been in waste management and recycling for almost four decades, supplying a wide range of products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables. The Yorkshire-based business really values the local community in which they reside, and continually find ways they can support it, which has led to their recent donation to the local animal shelter, Woodhaven.

Woodhaven Kennels and Cattery, has supported the local animal community and their owners since 1995, offering services from veterinarian care and grooming to animal boarding and dog walking. The team of workers and volunteers also works alongside Selby District Dog Wardens to reunite lost pets with their owners and rehome abandoned animals.

After becoming aware of the shelter’s brilliant work that keep hundreds of animals safe every year, Cromwell Polythene donated 12,000 t-shirt style bags to the animal shelter to help capture and contain their pet waste needs. The marketing team delivered the donation to the Woodhaven, where staff were overjoyed and extremely thankful for the bags, expressing how much it would support their daily responsibilities.

Cromwell’s Marketing Manager, Josh stated: “It was a truly enjoyable experience to meet the friendly Woodhaven team, learn more about the business and meet a delightful puppy named Trudy. Trudy is one of the many dogs they are helping to rehome (and is available for adoption) – we look forward to a continued relationship with Woodhaven and hope the bag donation will help make the hard work they do a little bit easier.”

Cromwell’s dog waste sacks are just one of the many products they supply to collect and capture waste. Their specialist range includes refuse sacks, bin liners, compactor sacks, clinical waste sacks, compostable liners and much more. Cromwell’s competitive and extensive range can be found on their website, where you can request more information and a free sample from their expert team. Dog waste sacks, like the ones donated to Woodhaven can also be found on the ‘Waste and Recycling Sack’ page on their website.

If you would like more information on Woodhaven, or Cromwell Polythene visit their respective websites.

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