Safety in the metal recycling industry

By Foridha Zaman, Centre Manager, QSP Training Ltd

QSP TRAINING Ltd is one of the largest centres registered to CIWM/WAMITAB, with over 35 assessors spread between Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. We are also the only centre able to offer Continuing Competence tests for all CIWM/WAMITAB waste management awards at our Pearson VUE centre.

Because of our reach and testing facilities, the company was chosen to help launch the new competency scheme for the metal recycling sector.

The scheme, known as the Metal Recycling Contractor Competency Scheme (MRCCS), has been developed between the CIWM and British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) with the specific intent of improving the health and safety of all who work on these sites.

The reason behind the need for the scheme is the high level of accidents occurring on metal recycling sites to both operatives and visiting contractors. A syllabus leading to achieving a certificate can be followed as an eLearning course on the CIWM website.

There are two pathways to the certificate: one for operatives and one for supervisors. The supervisors’ course is simply a two-module add-on to the operator course covering communication and leadership.

As an alternative to working through the online syllabus, QSP Training Ltd provides a half-day revision course covering all the key aspects and related matters of health and safety that attendees are expected to know and understand. Courses take place regularly at the QSP offices in Redditch where attendees can also take the online test immediately after the course. Gaining the certificate provides evidence of individual capability and competency, enabling companies to quickly and easily check that contractors and operatives have the required skills and training in health and safety awareness in order to work on a metals recycling facility.

To ensure the integrity of the certificate, the test must be invigilated and so all the staff in QSP Training have qualified as invigilators. The questions are well protected and are drawn from a large bank, selected randomly for each individual taking the test. The test comprises 26 multiple-choice questions for the operative and 40 multiple-choice questions for the supervisor, all of which have to be answered in 55 minutes. The pass level requires that 85% of the questions are answered correctly, which may seem high but it is expected that anyone working in the industry will have the knowledge and understanding to be able to answer most questions from their own experiences or after attending the revision course.

It is important to understand that the industry is increasing standards and it is anticipated that in the not-too-distant future, a contractor will not be allowed on any metal recycling site unless they possess the MRCCS certificate.

Proof of competence will be provided through the CIWM ProFile, a new digital system developed by CIWM which allows credentials to be validated on-demand with a unique QR code. The photo captured by Pearson VUE on the day of the test will be transferred to CIWM’s secure system to be used for the Profile card as proof of competence.

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