J Witt Waste Recycling to turn waste into SRF with Advetec

SOUTH WEST-BASED J Witt Waste Recycling will use on-site biotechnology to convert more than 3,600 tonnes of unrecyclable waste into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) each year, in a move that will benefit the circular economy by reducing and reusing waste that cannot be recycled.

The eight-year contract with biotechnology business Advetec is the latest in a long line of waste innovation activities from J Witt – which was the first waste handler to establish a dedicated food waste collection service in Bath.

J Witt plans to use Advetec’s largest aerobic biodigester machine the XO22 at full capacity, which means it will process up to 10 tonnes of unrecyclable waste on-site per day.

Advetec’s technology reduces the mass and volume of waste by 50% and 70% respectively and offers a sustainable and highly cost-effective alternative to landfill and Energy from Waste (EfW). For every two tonnes of unrecyclable waste that go through the machine, 1.2 tonnes of CO2 are saved, as the process digests the organic fraction of the waste using unique blends of bacteria. The floc that’s left will be used as a coal replacement product – each tonne of floc used as SRF will replace 0.5 tonnes of carbon-emitting coal.

This technology will help J Witt offer greater environmental gains to its 1,000 customers in Bath, Bristol, Somerset and Mendip, which include retailers, restaurants, industrial estates, veterinary practices, holiday lets and offices. In particular, processing unrecyclable residual waste on-site will save almost 500 road miles each week – as this waste will no longer need to be sent to the Energy from Waste incineration plant in Avonmouth.

Jamie Witt, director at J Witt Waste Recycling said: “This technology is a game-changer for us operationally and environmentally, and for our customers too. We’ve invested in Advetec to reduce and stabilise our costs and future-proof the business, as well as to give customers a more carbon and cost friendly alternative to landfill and EfW for their unrecyclable waste.

“At the moment, we have to transport this waste across the region which is costly and time intensive. An on-site solution will dramatically reduce our lorry journeys, which means less cost as well as significantly reduced road related carbon and congestion.”

Jamie added: “We’ve always been committed to actively reducing waste but now we’ll have the technology to amplify our efforts. Crucially, we’ll be turning local waste into a commodity that benefits the circular economy and helps our customers accelerate their journey to Net Zero.”

Lee Knott, Chief Commercial Officer for Advetec, said: “Jamie and his team are what we call waste innovators and for the businesses they serve, they’re waste heroes too. Their decision to invest in our technology reflects the increasing commercial and political impetus for change and shows their appetite to embrace more environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods. 

“The Advetec XO22 will give J Witt greater control over cost and carbon and build greater waste handling capacity into their own operations – all of which will benefit their customers greatly. We’re delighted to count them among our clients.”

Earlier this year, Max Recycle in Houghton-Le-Spring became the first waste handler in the UK to create SRF on site with Advetec. Several of Advetec’s smaller aerobic digester machines – the X06 and X03 – are also in operation across the UK.

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