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BROOKS Forgings Ltd is a manufacturing company that has deep roots in British Engineering. Established in 1960 in the heart of the Black Country, they have become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hot forged, machined and fabricated components.

They service many industries worldwide including recycling and waste, of which they have become the go-to and trusted supplier for components and spares.

The size of the company is considerable, spanning two sites located in the heart of the Midlands ideally situated near main distribution routes. The first site, head office and warehousing facility span over 50,000sq ft and houses over 3,000 pallets of standard and customer-specific stock. The second is a 55,000sq ft manufacturing facility with over 20 in-house processes including 16 upset forging cells, 10 drop forging cells, five robot welding cells and both destructive and non-destructive tensile testing.

“Our range of components and spares has grown exponentially to meet the demands of UK manufacturers operating within recycling and waste,” says Ian McBride, Sales Executive.

“Over the last 15 years, we have built relationships with a large percentage of companies involved in the manufacture or refurbishment of hardware used in the industry, putting Brooks in a unique position.”

He adds: “Having numerous types of manufacturing processes available at our UK factory enables the production of hot forged skip lugs and robot welding of our rollers to name a few, setting us apart from the competition.”

Brooks Forgings also works closely with clients to identify and solve problems. This can require sampling or prototyping or bringing an entirely new and bespoke product to the market.

“We have recently released with great success a polymer coated roller that is designed to reduce the number of noise complaints at facilities close to, or within, residential areas,” Ian explained.

In today’s market, there has been a positive shift towards British-made components with an emphasis on quality and ensuring that components comply with the latest regulations.

“With recent supply chain issues and increased prices from the Far East, we have seen increased demand for items to be produced in the UK. For approved clients, we can offer a 12-month call-off scheme enabling the customer to obtain a cheaper piece price by ordering a larger, more economical volume that is held in stock at our warehouse, shipped out and invoiced monthly.”

Their specific product range for recycling and waste features almost 100 components; part of a much more extensive range of key products that cover a multitude of industries and applications.

To find out more about Brooks Forgings Ltd or their full range of components and manufacturing processes, click HERE.

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