Celebrating 200 issues of Skip Hire & Waste Magazine
Issue 5 from 2005

HOW time flies – it seems like only five minutes ago we were celebrating our first 100 iconic issues of Skip Hire Magazine (as it was at the time). But, as in the blink of an eye, another eight-and-a-half years have flown by!

And yet it’s rather humbling to be able to add my own contribution to a magazine which has staked its claim in such a lively and boisterous industry and stood the test of time.

Who would have thought, when a gap in the market for a publication to unify the voice of the skip hire trade, was spotted back in 2005, that it would have grown to what it has become today?

Our very first issue may seem modest by our standards today. Launched in July 2005, it was A5 and just 16 pages long.

Yet right from the word ‘Go’, the vision was clear and the seeds of success were sown: a tabloid- style format with fun features to raise a few smiles to accompany the serious issues that the sector faces – and raises to – every day. The core components were there: essential news, opinion pieces by industry experts and those in the know, and the odd Chick and Hunk for good measure.

It was a delight to see the industry really respond to the magazine and use it as a platform to make our voice heard. One of our most well received and powerful campaigns was Whack-A-Bin, which raised awareness of rough sleepers inside skips and waste containers.

The magazine quickly earned us the position of go-to contact when waste-related topics came up in the mainstream news. We regularly spoke to the BBC to give comment, and ended up being interviewed by Chris Evans and Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2, as well as appearing on Bin There, Dump That alongside Reston Waste in 2015. The magazine has also featured on the Guest Publication spot on the BBC’s Have I Got News For You, truly the high-water mark of our illustrious career!

As well as evolving from an A5 journal to a full-length magazine, we have rebranded our title over the years as well. Starting life simply as The Skip, we adopted Skip Hire Magazine in May 2011 and finally Skip Hire & Waste Magazine in March 2017, as the scope of the publication expanded. Could we be due another rebrand in the up-coming months? Well, that would be telling, but I will say, watch this space…!

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