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Hamilton mattress recycling hits 250,000 mark

Hamilton mattress recycling hits 250,000 mark

HAMILTON Waste & Recycling (Hamilton) has announced that it has now recycled over a quarter of a million mattresses as the company continues to ramp up its mattress recycling capacity.

In reaching this landmark number Hamilton has recovered over approximately 2500 tonnes of metal, 750 tonnes of foam and 500 tonnes of polyester all of which are used in the manufacture of more sustainable products. Residual materials that cannot currently be effectively recovered are used in the production of a solid recovered fuel. This sustainable fuel is used by several customers, including Tarmac, to offset their use of fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.

Commenting on the achievement Hamilton’s Managing Director, Robin Stevenson, said: “We are on track to recycle approximately 100,000 mattresses this year and plans are in place to increase this capacity by a further 20% in 2023. Whilst this is a fantastic achievement by the team, Scotland is still only recycling one in ten waste mattresses with over 650,000 mattresses still being landfilled every year. This wanton waste of recourses is completely unnecessary and needs to be addressed by Scottish Government if we are to achieve our circular economy ambitions.” 

Hamilton’s recently announced a partnership with Scotland’s largest independent bed retailer, Archers Sleep Centre, to recycle all the used mattresses and beds from its customer take back scheme. To further increase recycling rates, Archers also promotes a voucher scheme to over 1.5 million households which enables them to dispose of their old bed for free.

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