Home Features Lavelle’s strengthens its FEL capacity with new, state-of-the-art truck

Lavelle’s strengthens its FEL capacity with new, state-of-the-art truck

Lavelle’s strengthens its FEL capacity with new, state-of-the-art truck

MANCHESTER-based Lavelle Waste Services (Lavelle’s) has become the owner of a brand new Scania P410 front end loader (FEL) vehicle, fitted with Hillend lifting equipment and MOBA underbody weighing.

This new Euro 6 hi-tech truck is an impressive addition to Lavelle’s fleet, and is a testament to the impressive growth in Lavelle’s FEL services. The family-run business now boasts a fleet of 15 vehicles with more on order to facilitate its steady projected growth over the next 12-18 months.

Cleaner vehicles…
With clean air being a hot topic like never before, the new Euro 6 vehicle joins the fleet at a crucial time. Whilst a looming clean air zone is being debated for Greater Manchester, Lavelle’s are safe in the knowledge that their new truck is not only compliant with new regulations but that its impact on the environment is dramatically reduced when compared to previous Euro 5 engines.

Weighing in…
A key feature of the big, green recycling machine is on-board weighing, specifically the under-body weighing fitted and supplied by MOBA weighing solutions.

Operations Manager Sam Lavelle believes the new vehicle will better position the company for future expansion into the front end loader market across Greater Manchester and beyond. “The Scania brand gives Lavelle’s and our customers reliability, which better aids our position to service our customers’ requirements,” he said.

Transport Manager Emma Lavelle added: “The fundamental reason behind our rapid growth is our service. We put a huge emphasis on the service we provide to our customers, whilst also having a strong software and admin to ensure we can produce reports efficiently.”

Engineering expertise
Meanwhile, as specialist manufacturers of high-quality refuse collection vehicles, Hillend Engineering said they were delighted to be making the major contribution to Lavelle’s growing fleet. Their engineers were keen to listen to Lavelle’s specific requests and adapted their market-leading front end loader to meet their needs, for the intricacies of their refuse collection routes.

Hillend Engineering manufacture their vehicles in their own UK facility, so Sam Lavelle and Fleet Manager Andy Tickle were able to visit them during the build, exploring their factory and checking on the progress of Lavelle’s FEL. They also worked directly with MOBA for a more seamless transition as the on-board weighing system was fitted, meaning that vehicle lead time was reduced and Lavelle’s had the FEL on the road as quickly as they needed it.

Following major investment in their manufacturing processes and the acquisition of state-of-the-art technology in the past two years, Hillend are pleased to be continuing their relationship with Lavelle Waste Services as they manufacture additional vehicles to join their fleet serving Greater Manchester.

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