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Love is a numbers game for August Skip Hunk Kaius-James

Love is a numbers game for August Skip Hunk Kaius-James

HOLD on to your calculators folks, this month’s Skip Hunk is brainy Kaius-James King of Ferns Recycling, Kent.

Oh hello! We do like a man in a hard hat. Tell us about yourself.
I’m Kaius-James King, I’m 21 years-old and from Kent.

And where do you work?
I work for Ferns Recycling as an accountant.

We’re impressed! How long have you worked there, and what do you do day to day?
I started at Ferns fresh out of sixth form, at the ripe age of 19 as a trainee accountant. I operate the sales ledger of the company and I love interacting with our customers. I have been with Ferns for just under three years now and have recently been promoted to accountant.

Brains and good looks – we’re impressed. What do you like about working there?
It is definitely the people that make the job. I’ve met some great people here at Ferns – some definite friends for life.

There must be a downside though…?
Having to work with my colleague Stephen Dray; he really does my nut in! (I hope he reads this). All jokes aside, there are very few bad bits of the job. Every once in a while there’s a rough day, but my colleagues always help me through!

They sound like a decent bunch. What’s the one day at work you’ll never forget?
I once left my car windows open during a hot day, and a pigeon managed to find its way into my car and couldn’t get out! That was an interesting one.

Apart from cleaning pigeon poo off your car seats, how do you spend your free time outside of work? I am quite a charitable person, and I like to give back to my local community. I do this by spending a lot of nights down the many independent boozers that Kent has to offer, enjoying a couple of Madris and maybe even a cheeky G&T.

That’s so very generous of you – you’re all heart! Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done. Craziest thing I’ve done is go on a night out down the local, ending up a buying a Wowcher mystery holiday and the next day flew out to Milan. Deffo worth the 90 quid!

What? They do mystery holidays for £90?! See ya! Before we nab a cheap break, how about some superhero powers – what do you fancy?
The power of time travel so I can retire.

Careful what you wish for… Let’s hear your top tune, the one that says ‘I’m here!’
Thong Song – Sisqo.

Saucy. Do you have a fascinating fact about yourself to share?
I could have made it as a pro footballer, but three years ago, I sustained a nasty injury after being slide tackled in a pub urinal. So, I went into the second-best industry after football… construction.

So many questions to ask on that one, but so little time. Right, three little words that sum you up.
Skip, Hunk, Month.

Ha, we can’t argue with that. Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
I once met Gills FC legend Adebayo Akinfenwa whilst away in Cyprus for my brother’s wedding. In London I also bumped into one of the blokes that helped kill Pablo Escobar, believe it or not.

He sounds a lovely chap! You need big bucks to move in those circles – how would you spend a mega Lottery win?
First, probably new pants after the excitement of winning. Then straight after that, get down to a dealership to get a nice little motor.

Make us laugh… can we have a joke please?
What’s completely round and growls angrily at everyone? A vicious circle!

That’s sent us round the bend! Now off you pop; those numbers won’t crunch themselves!

Ferns Recycling Group is based near Brentwood, Kent. Click HERE to find out more.

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