Home Company News Cromwell Polythene are keeping it clean with a free anti-litter pack

Cromwell Polythene are keeping it clean with a free anti-litter pack

Cromwell Polythene are keeping it clean with a free anti-litter pack

ONE global environmental issue that all countries share is littering and waste crime, seeing an estimated 30 million tonnes of litter collected from UK streets every year. Streets are far from being the only casualties of discarded waste; parks, countrysides, roads and beaches are also often plagued with litter. One of the most shocking facts about this disregard for appropriate waste management, is that it costs almost £1 billion a year in clean up bills nationally.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, UK studies have found that 80% of littering is done so purposefully, with the guilty party showing no intention of responsibly disposing of the waste. Other instances may include accidental littering, like leaks from bags, overflowing bins, or simply leaving rubbish behind without realising it. Whether intentional or accidental, it is a danger to the environment and the earth’s wildlife, as well as being highly unsightly. 

Helping to reduce litter levels
So how can we all help to prevent this from happening? In short, we need to reduce the likelihood and levels of waste. Littering is a human act, one many of us are widely aware of, but often unsure how to tackle. One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to help deter the litterers is via the means of clear and powerful education.

Josh Wood, Marketing Manager at Cromwell Polythene stated: “At Cromwell, it is our mission to be the most resourceful company in plastics. To help us achieve this, we have recently developed an anti-littering promotional pack, free to be downloaded and used by all. The pack consists of posters, social media images and videos for posting, and an information leaflet. The material covers four overall themes, including dog waste, fly-tipping and littering in areas such as beaches, countrysides and streets. We have created digital formats that can be shared across all social media platforms and print-ready versions for those who require physical copies in their surrounding areas. Our intentions are for these packs to be used by local councils, businesses and charities to help raise awareness of littering and its detrimental impacts on the environment.”  

Cromwell not only provides advice on waste management and recycling, but also supplies products for the capture and containment of waste. They have a range of refuse sacks, bin liners and litter picking bags to help capture and contain recyclables and general rubbish – view Cromwell’s range or talk to their team to discuss your requirements.

Cromwell welcomes and implores any organisation to download and use the material – our goal is to help create a cleaner, greener, and more resourceful planet, and our new anti-litter pack is a step towards this sustainable vision. To view, download and share FREE from our website click HERE.

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