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The heart of your sorting system®

The heart of your sorting system®

PURITY of recycled material is the key to efficient recycling and delivering a return on your investment. In order to achieve pure materials, your separating and sorting systems need to offer maximum flexibility.

General Kinematics (GK) offers a variety of solutions for your sorting and separation needs. Through their primary and secondary screen range, air separators and feeders, they can provide an end-to-end solution to meet any requirement you may have.

The primary vibratory screens provide you with superior separation without the trapping and blinding of standard primary screens and trommels. There is also a tertiary fines screen with a Two-Mass design that is load responsive and capable of longer material retention times that work the material more, resulting in better separation of that material.

The GK DE-STONER® Air Classifier incorporates three dynamic elements for optimal density separation:
>> Vibration – Two-mass natural frequency design liberates materials and spreads it across the unit effectively.
>> Fluidisation – Preps the material bed for the air knife by creating turbulence to stratify the materials and liberate the lights trapped beneath the heavies.
>> Classification – The air knife provides the final separation, partially by density, partially with aerodynamics for optimal results.

The DE-STONER® can adapt to a wide variety and volume of materials, whilst remaining jam resistant. The vibratory action moves the material while light materials are discharged into the dropout box. However, most impressive is the fully customisable nature of the system. The addition of an optional screen and up to three air classifiers leads to much a improved material separation and up to four different separations: fines, heavies, lights and ultra-lights.

The high stroke feeder offers a dynamic response to load surges, increased feed capacity, exceptional reliability and ease of maintainability. PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders are specifically designed to enhance your process.

Utilising GK systems allows for complete fluidity of design to work across a variety of applications, including C&D, scrap, wood and bio-mass, MSW and glass, ultimately leading to a return on investment by getting the materials you need.

The GK range is available throughout the UK and Ireland from Red Knight 6 Ltd.
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Photo: The GK DE-STONER®

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