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July Skip Chick Gail puts the ooh-la-la in cha-cha-cha

July Skip Chick Gail puts the ooh-la-la in cha-cha-cha

SHE’S a patriotic lass and a dancing queen on the sly – meet Gail Mangham of AB Waste Disposal.

Hi! Who do we have here? Introduce yourself…
I’m Gail Mangham, I’m 44 and I work at AB Waste Disposal Ltd in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.

Excellent. How long have you worked there, and what do you do day to day?
I’ve worked here for eight months, and I’m an admin assistant in the office. I do general office duties and make bookings for customers, both general public and business.

Sounds like they keep you busy. What do you like about it?
It’s a family-run business and they make you feel part of the family. It is a really great team, both in the office and in the yard.

So, it’s all good – or is there anything at all that bugs you?
The dust! It gets everywhere.

It’s a common complaint! Tell us about the one day at work you’ll never forget.
Christmas Eve. I’ve never had time off from work over Christmas since leaving school, so I really enjoyed Christmas Eve 2021.

Feet up, Elf on the telly, glass of mulled wine and a selection box – sounds grand. What about outside of work, how do you spend your time?
With my husband and dog going for long walks and then a drink in a beer garden.

Sounds very chilled. But we’re guessing you might have a wild side – what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A bungee jump into the sea off Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa (and being Skip Chick of the Month at 44!)

It’s a very exclusive club – and we’re happy to have you. How about a little romance? Tell us about your ideal date night.
A nice meal at a good steakhouse with my husband.

How about we give you some superpowers to do with whatever you want – what would you like?
The ability to time travel, so I could go back to spend extra time with loved ones that have died.

If only we could make it happen for you… Let’s get dancing, what song is your ‘theme tune’?
The Only Way is Up by Yazz.

Let’s hear a fascinating fact about yourself, something that we’d never guess.
I was under-16s nationwide champion in ballroom and Latin dancing.

Wow, we ARE impressed – that’s definitely worth a ‘10’ from Craig Revel Horwood! Now sum yourself up for us in just three little words.
Creative, individual and caring.

Holiday time! Where would you love to go?
Tough decision, but Florida… we love it there.

Sounds like bliss. Before you go, imagine being able to have anyone in the world round to dinner… who would you invite and why?
Ricky Gervais, because it would be hilarious – and he loves animals.

He’s a comedy superstar. How about living like a star with a huge Lottery win? What’s on the shopping list?
A country home with a duck pond (and a Porsche 356).

Get those tickets bought. Finally, hit us with your best joke.
Why do ducks have feathers? To cover their butt quacks!

All that remains is to say thanks for being a ‘quacking’ Skip Chick – thanks Gail!

AB Waste Disposal Ltd has been serving the Mansfield area with skips and waste removal services for more than 25 years. Click HERE to check them out.

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