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From waste metal to pumping iron with July’s Skip Hunk Kieran

From waste metal to pumping iron with July’s  Skip Hunk Kieran

HE’S a Call of Duty sharpshooter with the ‘guns’ to prove it. Our Skip Hunk is Kieran Cole of QCR Recycling Equipment.

Hey there Mr Skip Hunk – why not introduce yourself?
I’m Kieran Cole, 29, and I work as Workshop Foreman at QCR Recycling Equipment.

We’re all ears, tell us more. How long have you worked there?
I worked for four years as Storeroom Manager and was recently promoted to Workshop Foreman.

Congrats on the promotion. What do you like about working there – is it your fabulous work mates, the banter, the customers…?
All of the above – and the wage packet isn’t that bad!

Sounds too good to be true… any downsides?
Having to go home, (in case the boss is reading).

They’re already double checking your wage packet to make sure they’re not overpaying you! What’s the one day at work you’ll never forget?
Today – the girls were trying to get me to take my clothes off for the photo! It would be the work parties, if I could remember them.

Well, the girls gave it a good go. Where will we find you when you’re not at work?
With my wife and two boys, when I’m not in the gym.

That sound you hear is a million breaking hearts. Moving swiftly on… what’s your idea of a romantic night out and who would be your ideal date?
A candlelit Netflix and chill with my wife of course!

Suppose we should have guessed. How about some superpowers – what would you like?
The ability to force or compel anyone to dance in your general area like it was a musical. Just for the laughs.

We’d ask the next question but can’t stop tapdancing… Okay, while we catch our breath, what would be your theme tune?
Eminem – Till I Collapse.

We’re already there. Amaze us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
Pro at Call of Duty, 1v1 Me Rust. Snipers only.

No idea what that means but, hey, go you! Which three little words sum you up?
Funny, caring and built.

Let’s fly you away from work to your ideal holiday spot. Plane’s boarding, where are you off to?
The Maldives, or just somewhere hot!

Did we mention we’re coming with you? First though, tell us about your ideal dinner guest.
Tom Hardy, so the wife is happy.

Smart move. Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
Terry Hollands at UK’s Strongest Man. And he’s only just a little bigger than me, I swear…

While we’re dreaming up imaginary things, let’s pretend you’ve won millions on the Lottery. What are you going to buy?
A Ferrari, any Ferrari, not some second-hand Volvo…

Finally, make us laugh with your best joke.
Chicken eggs have perfected the art of getting laid without the need of a cock…erel.

Okay, so we’ve established you’re rubbish at jokes, but you’ve still be an egg-cellent Skip Hunk – thanks Kieran!

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