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Whitespace to revolutionise missed bin management

Whitespace to revolutionise missed bin management

WHITESPACE, the leading provider of waste management software to local authorities and the public sector, has become the UK’s first tech provider to offer users a fully automated system for managing missed bins and help them realise the associated operational and environmental benefits.  

Once a missed bin is reported, a digital worksheet is generated, and the lift is allocated to the appropriate vehicle and crew based on a selection of pre-defined criteria. This might see the job assigned back to the crew who missed the collection, a vehicle that is currently operating in the required area or a ‘mop up’ crew. This is made possible by the system understanding which vehicles and crews service which street and where all the suitable vehicles are located at any point in time. Should the worksheet need approval, it is sent to the supervisor who can accept and allocate the work online or from an app on their phone. Once the job is marked as complete, the worksheet automatically closes.    

Automating the missed bin process frees up time for more proactive work which can add real value. It also significantly reduces the duplication of effort and eliminates errors associated with the manual inputting and allocation of work.

Digitising their systems with Whitespace has seen customers such as Eastbourne Borough Council reduce customer complaints by 60% while also reducing their missed bins by over 70% in the first few weeks following implementation. They have also realised a 50% saving in the amount of paper used.

Commenting on the launch of Whitespace Version 11, the company’s Commercial Director, Mike Nicholls, said: “The ability to seamlessly and accurately allocate work to the correct vehicle not only improves the efficiency of back-office operations, but it can also help reduce fuel usage and the resulting emissions. Set against the current economic backdrop and spiralling fuel costs, this can deliver immediate and significant cost savings for our customers’ collection fleets.” 

The automated missed bin functionality, which can be equally effectively used for street cleaning or fly tipping crews, will be available to all Whitespace users in the coming months.

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