‘Blip your skips’ with Zest Tracking

ZEST TRACKING LTD, in partnership with ‘CTrack’, has launched a battery-powered tracking device for skips or containers that uses long-life power management technology to operate for several years without needing a charge or replacement batteries.

The telematics unit provides a simple asset management solution that will enable skip hire businesses in particular to enhance the security of their mobile resources, improve stock control and reduce the time needed to collect or redistribute equipment by making it much easier to locate.

The long-life battery unit is designed for reliable, multi-year or lengthy deployments. To maximise battery life, the unit sends a single location a day, so skip hire companies managing high volumes of mobile assets can have peace of mind that everything is where it should be.

It can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with real-time vehicle tracking, so all powered and unpowered assets can be monitored through the same telematics system. Speak to Zest to see how this can be achieved.

The rugged enclosure has an IP67 rating, making it both dust- and water- proof, so it can handle all but the harshest conditions. The use of internal antennas combined with the compact nature of the specially developed casing makes it easy to conceal and mountable virtually anywhere, while the choice of fittings offers flexible and straightforward self-installation.

Zest’s plant and asset tracking features a battery-powered tracking unit, helping you manage, utilise and protect all types of asset. Keeping track of resources that are constantly on the move has always been a challenge for businesses, especially when they possess limited access to a power source.

The solution also supports the tracking of a wide range of vehicles, assets and equipment including trailers, containers, plant machinery, palletised loads, rental vehicles, high-value cargo, boats, caravans and motorcycles.

• Simple self-installation,
• Ruggedised waterproof unit (IP67 rated),
• 5-7 year battery life,
• Roaming SIM for the best possible coverage,
• Visible on the same screen as your vehicles.

For all of the above technology and benefits, you might imagine that the cost of the kit and accessing the portal to view your fleet would be astronomical. But no; from as little as only 27p per day you will always know where every skip is down to 6ft every 30 seconds.

No more ‘misplacing’ several thousand pounds worth of company asset!

To find out more about how to ‘blip your skip’, click HERE.

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