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Expert applauds new ‘Use Up Day’ food waste campaign

Expert applauds new ‘Use Up Day’ food waste campaign

THE cost of living is rising with gas and electricity prices going through the roof, and with fuel costs at a record high, many households are searching for ways to save money. Kevin Quigley, Commercial Director at the food waste recycling company Warrens Group is encouraging households who are feeling the squeeze to check whether adopting routines that prevent food waste at home might help them.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Program) estimates that on average, a family household wastes £730 annually by throwing edible food in the bin. With energy bills predicted to rise by 50% from April, and EDF energy stating that the average UK energy bill was £95 per month in September 2021, avoiding losing money through food waste would offer a significant saving in household costs.

A new campaign from Hellmann’s and Tesco designed to help tackle food waste and save families money is calling for households to adopt a ‘Use Up Day’ into their weekly meal planning, encouraging the nation to cook one meal once a week that uses up food they already have in their kitchen.

Kevin Quigley, commercial director at food waste recycling company Warrens, praised the move from Hellmann’s and Tesco.

Kevin said: “To reach the UK’s net zero ambitions, food waste is one of the problems that needs to be tackled and we all have a part to play. Not only that, while we all face rising household bills preventing food waste is one way of saving a bit of money.

“The idea behind Hellmann’s and Tesco’s campaign is simple and accessible to everyone – there are lots of free recipes online that will help households decide what do with what’s left in their fridge and food cupboards on their chosen ‘Use Up Day’.

“Not only should this campaign help with food waste prevention and money saving, the ‘Use up Day’ campaign will encourage individuals to become more aware of what they buy and how long food lasts. Using surplus food to create meals will save hard earned cash at a time when so many families are struggling.”

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