Home Waste News Waste firm helps protect South West businesses from data breaches with new waste data safes

Waste firm helps protect South West businesses from data breaches with new waste data safes

Waste firm helps protect South West businesses from data breaches with new waste data safes

LEADING South West independent waste management firm DCW has launched a new waste data safe to help protect South West businesses from data breaches and information leaks which could lead to identity theft and business fraud.  

DCW has invested in the new secure safes to encourage more local businesses to recycle their confidential waste securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By using DCW’s Zero to Landfill data destruction service, businesses can also boost their environmental sustainability credentials as waste is diverted away from landfill and sent to UK paper mills to be recycled into paper products such as tissue and blue roll.  

Under the GDPR and the Data Protection Act (1998), businesses have a responsibility to ensure confidential data stays confidential and that all data they dispose of is handled securely.

In 2020, it was reported that the UK received the highest number of fines for violating GDPR, totalling €315 million (source: Statista). To help South West businesses avoid hefty fines and sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands, DCW has introduced a tough and tamper proof waste data safe.

Made from stainless steel, the safes have been designed for waste to be deposited in and not accessed. Available in two sizes, holding up to 240 litres of confidential waste, each safe features a letterbox slot on the top providing a one-way access system. The contents of the safe can only be accessed by DCW’s data destruction specialists.

Once the safe is full, DCW will collect the waste in a secure vehicle manned by DBS checked operatives. The waste gets taken to DCW’s depot and destroyed in accordance with all relevant UK and EU regulations, with nothing ending up in landfill.  

Simon Almond, Managing Director of DCW, commented: “We’re pleased to introduce our new stylish waste data safe. It’s vital that companies are prioritising data destruction, ensuring they have the right tools in place to store confidential waste securely. In 2019, a survey revealed that 28% of UK companies were prioritising implementing new processes around the handling of sensitive data (source: Statista), so we really wanted to give Devon and Cornwall businesses the tool to do just that.  

“We’ve ensured that the tough new safe is also aesthetically pleasing so that it can seamlessly fit with any office interior – it looks smart, sleek, and professional. There’s no chance of your sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands when you store it in our sturdy, steel safe. As sponsors of Exeter Chiefs’ Jack Maunder this season, we put his strength to the test (main picture) and even he couldn’t access our new waste data safe!”

DCW provides a range of services for the secure disposal and destruction of all types of confidential data, in both paper and electronic forms, to protect personal and financial information, ensuring customers are compliant with current legislation.

The new waste data safes are available to South West businesses for £22.50 plus a rental charge of £1.95 per week.

DCW empties in excess of 10,000 containers every week, diverting more than 40,000 tonnes away from landfill each year. It was the first company in the South West to offer a Zero to Landfill solution, meaning that all materials that can be recycled, are. DCW’s Zero to Landfill solution helps support the waste management and recycling industry by providing materials for onward processing, recycling and manufacturing.

As well as its Zero to Landfill service for mixed commercial waste, DCW also provides specialist waste management services such as chemical and WEEE disposal and site clearances.

For more information about DCW’s services, click HERE.

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