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CIWM launches Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

CIWM launches Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

FOLLOWING the establishment of its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group in early 2021, CIWM last week launched its EDI strategy. The 3-year strategy will ensure the Institution is open and inclusive to all, regardless of background, ability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. More than that, CIWM is committed to ensuring opportunities and support are fair and equal across the organisation, its membership and the whole recycling and resource management sector.

CIWM’s new EDI Vision ‘Together, we will inspire and enable transformational change to create a more inclusive sector that reflects the communities we serve.’ is supported by a dedicated Purpose and Mission – details of which can be found HERE. The strategy identifies 6 key areas of focus:

Developing & Growing – supporting education and development, professional career paths and inclusive membership progression;

Attracting & Retaining – ensuring that the resources and waste sector is inclusive and attracts and retains diverse talent;

Influencing & Engaging – helping our members and the wider sector understand their roles in creating an inclusive sector and the benefits of diversity in our workforce;

Belonging & Welcoming – creating the right infrastructure and culture so that everyone can be themselves;

Committing & Complying – ensuring everyone takes personal accountability and governance is in place;

Measuring & Reporting – using data and benchmarking to measure progress.

Commenting on the launch, CIWM CEO, Sarah Poulter, said: “As the Institution’s first female CEO, I feel particularly honoured to be introducing our new EDI strategy.  This is initially a three-year project, but we’ve already started making changes within the Institution. To begin with our focus will be on getting our own house in order and embedding these principles throughout the organisation.  But as we progress, we are firmly committed to positioning CIWM as a champion of EDI, and to inform, encourage and collaborate with the sector so they are inspired to do so too. The move to a ‘world beyond waste’ is a big ambition and to achieve it we need we need an inclusive community with a wide diversity of voices, skills, knowledge and perspectives.”

The CIWM’s EDI Strategy delivers against its broader strategic pillar of ‘leading through excellence’ and is directly aligned with its recently announced Gold CSR accreditation. The development process was informed by research undertaken by a member-led working group which reached out to the membership and the wider sector. This included 7 focus groups and over 330 responses to an online survey.

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