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Raise a glass for makeshift landlord and April’s Skip Hunk Richard

Raise a glass for makeshift landlord and April’s Skip Hunk Richard

HE’S got devilish good taste and his own pub! Meet our Skip Hunk, Richard Evans of Coopers Waste, Stafford.

Hi! Introduce yourself please.
I’m Richard Evans, I’m 47 and I work at Coopers Waste where I’m General Manager.

We’re impressed! Tell us how long you’ve been there and what does the job involve?
I’ve been there for two months. I manage the site, health and safety of plant and all operatives, and general day to day running of a general waste yard.

You’re a very busy chap. Do you like working there?
I will let you know when I find out!

Sounds a bit non-committal! How about the worst bits of the job?
When plant or wagons break down; it seems to throw everything out.

We feel your pain. How about when it’s time to head home – where will we find you?
During Covid times, I built myself a pub in my back garden. As time went on, it became quite the gathering place and is now used three days a week.

Sounds like a pretty good lockdown project. Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
I go surfing in Cornwall at least once a month. In my early 20s while in a drunken state, I got removed from backstage at a Radiohead concert for eating their food. They had only just released their breakthrough record, Creep, and there were only about 100 people there.

We bet they absolutely loved you for that! Let’s talk romance: tell us about your ideal date night.
I don’t know about romantic but my ideal night out and date would be with Courtney Love – Kurt Cobain’s ex – on a wild night out in L.A.

Well, it certainly would be a wild night out… How about some superhero powers? What would you love to have?
Super speed; I would be able to achieve so much more within the normal day.

You’d be getting through those health and safety checks in no time! Let’s hear your theme tune.
Linkin Park, In The End. It sums up life for me. We stress and strive and worry about things, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. I try to enjoy every day as much as possible.

We couldn’t agree more. Can you tell us something about yourself that will blow our minds?
I once met Adam Sandler at a basketball game in New York and he said he loved my Australian accent. I said: “That’s nice, unfortunately I’m English.”

Can you sum yourself up in three little words?
Hard working, loyal and a good laugh.

Can we interest you in a dream holiday? Where would you love to go?
I’ve always wanted to visit Petra in Jordan after watching Indiana Jones.

Certainly a bit different from a weekend in Blackpool! Who – alive or dead – would be your ideal dinner guest?
Alister Crowley: he must have a million stories to tell.

Occultist, magician, some say ‘devil worshipper’. Better hope he enjoys the soup or it could be an uncomfortable dinner. Apart from Adam Sandler, ever met anyone famous?
I was sat under a tree at a Cure concert in Hyde Park speaking to another man. After 10 mins of general chat, I realised it was Gary Numan.

Oops. Did you mention whether friends actually are electric? Anyway, how about a joke?
A man was washing his car with his eldest son. The son asks: ‘Dad, why can’t you just use a sponge?’

On that note, it’s a big thank you from us for being a cracking Skip Hunk!

Coopers Waste is based in Stafford. Find out more about the business by visiting HERE

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