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BMRA launches new Zero Carbon Committee

BMRA launches new Zero Carbon Committee

THE British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), the trade association representing the £7 billion UK Metal Recycling sector, has launched a Zero Carbon Committee highlighting the need to seek economic alternatives for metal recyclers to switch to net zero in line with the UK Government goal of 2050.

Following the environmental concerns raised at COP26, and the greater need for zero carbon emissions in all forms of commercial activity, the BMRA want to capitalise on the already well-established green credentials of metal recycling by enabling the industry as a whole to benefit.

This committee will sit within the BMRA’s Legislative Policy Group, and like all of its committees, will consist of member representatives from the industry, the people who are directly affected by Government implemented changes and who will have their own strategic goal to move to net zero operations in the coming years.

Howard Bluck, Technical Director of the BMRA

Howard Bluck, Technical Director of the BMRA said: “BMRA committees address the needs of the membership and the industry. They are the voice of metal recyclers that help us to identify priorities and, in-turn, enables us to maximise BMRA’s lobbying efforts.”

The Zero Carbon Committee will work with the industry and third parties to identify initiatives and technology that can enable metal recyclers to cost effectively move towards net zero. Just recently the BMRA hosted a webinar with BEIS regarding the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund. The Fund is designed to help businesses with high energy use to cut their energy bills and carbon emissions through investing in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. The government announced £315 million of funding in the 2018 Budget, available up until 2025.

BMRA members can visit HERE to access the webinar.

If anyone within BMRA membership would like to be join this committee contact  admin@recyclemetals.org

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