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Roboskip – The world’s first self-driving skip

Roboskip – The world’s first self-driving skip

SHEFFIELD-based waste management and skip hire company Fletchers Waste Management has released an industry and world-first product – the Roboskip.

This innovative new product is an automated self-driving skip that has become a popular money-saving choice for households, and for good reason.

The Roboskip employs a wide range of advanced A.I technologies to ensure the driver-less skips can safely navigate our roads, including the revolutionary feature known as “Waste-Autopilot”. This uses six 4K resolution cameras to provide 360-degree visibility, while a staggering twenty ultrasonic sensors and a front-facing radar work to analyse the vehicle’s surroundings for potential hazards.

To allow Roboskip to return to Fletchers’ facility safely and with all waste intact, a retractable and highly flexible fabric weave cover known as ‘Hyper-Flex’ will automatically cover the skip once you are finished with it. This protects and secures all waste, making sure that nothing falls out of the skips on the return journey.

Roboskip was created to keep up with the high increase in demand for skips that Fletchers has seen since the pandemic.

Gavin Leverett, Managing Director at Fletchers Waste Management said: “I am ecstatic to finally be able to talk about this revolutionary new product. Times are changing and our industry has to adapt in order to keep up with the technology-driven world.

To accelerate our transition to sustainable energy, Roboskip is fully electric and can be charged through the solar panels at our facility. This was an environmental choice and a non-negotiable feature for Fletchers at the design stage.”

The future truly is here – it’s time for Roboskip.

To book yourself a self-driving skip, visit Fletchers website today: www.fletcherswaste.co.uk/roboskip

EDIT: This was indeed an April Fool’s joke. Hats off to Fletchers Waste Management for the great laugh.

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