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Lindner machines are shreddy for anything

Lindner machines are shreddy for anything

FROM massive RDF/SRF production facilities producing thousands of tonnes per week of flock for the cement kilns to the efficient size reduction of plastics and secure shredding of data and documents, MachTech Services is the UK’s leading supplier of industrial shredding equipment.

The versatile range of award winning Lindner products consists of primary, secondary, universal, one-step and mobile shredders as well as processing systems for solid recovered fuels (SRF) and refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Whenever you see one Lindner machine on site, the chances are you will see many; the amount of return customers using award Lindner machinery supplied by MachTech Services is our proudest achievement.

WILSHEE’S: A family-run company that has been providing waste and recycling solutions for over 35 years recently took delivery of a Lindner Jupiter 3200 for its extremely effective wood recycling process.

Willshee’s who provide domestic, industrial and commercial waste recovery and recycling, provide a full wood recycling service for customers throughout the Midlands, where the reprocessed material goes into the biomass industry, or for higher grade material into the panel board industry.

Working in conjunction with BlueMAC, a member of the Blue Group, the provider of processing and handling equipment, Mach-Tech Services delivered and installed the Lindner Jupiter 3200, combining everything needed to give a process for the efficient 24/7 operation.

This powerful shredder, the largest shredder in the Lindner range, shreds pallets, chipboard, demolition and other partially bulky wooden parts with the aim of creating a -50mm final fraction around 15 tonnes per hour.

ISLAND WASTE LTD: Using the most efficient process to divert over 12,000 tonnes of waste annually from landfill to recovery, recycling or for re-use, is the ethos behind the Guernsey Recycling Group’s Island Waste Ltd. They aim to reduce the ever-increasing growth in waste on the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

After extensive trials and visits to view operational equipment on the mainland, the versatile Lindner Urraco 75DK was chosen to shred the waste to produce a RDF for use in England, increasing productivity and reducing shipping and transport costs.

WHEELDONS WASTE is a North West business that deals with commercial, industrial, construction and municipal waste streams. James Wheeldon, Director at Wheeldons Waste, likes to stay ahead of the game and succeeds in producing a clean top quality SRF product for cement kilns.

Wheeldons waste has been a valued customer for over five years and now has three Lindner Polaris 2800, two Lindner Atlas 5500 and a Lindner Jupiter operating on their sites across Greater Manchester.

“Having ran many shredders over the years, I have learnt what is good, average and bad, and for me, the Lindner Polaris is definably the best and leads in today’s market,” said James.

“The Polaris meets the multitude of tasks and needs that we have here at Wheeldons Waste. We use a 60-mm screen producing a 50mm product with the higher tonnage of 18 tonnes P/H. If we need to change fraction size, it’s a fast, safe screen exchange. With this in mind, plus the award-winning Lindner design for easy foreign part removal without damaging the machine, we breathe a lot easier.

“Running at 40-70 tonnes P/H depending on the material running through it, and a lot quieter than the diesel shredder that we were working with previously, the Lindner Atlas is like music to our ears. We feel like we have gained an extra man due to the machine’s easy loading and the Atlas’s extremely low maintenance needs.”

ELLGIA operate two Jupiter 3200’s and a Komet 2800 at their facility in Scunthorpe. As Ellgia Chairman Steve Crook explained: “Ellgia dipped their toes into alternative fuel processing in 2017. There was a very steep learning curve for all involved. We soon realised there were two fundamental areas to concentrate on to ensure challenging quality standards.

“The first of these was input material. Ellgia chose to produce both SRF and RDF. Many companies choose to do one or the other and then struggle to meet the quality standards as both fuels have very different specifications and performance.

“The second fundamental is equipment. Ellgia has transformed from a waste transfer operator to a fuel producer, with separate lines in separate buildings to avoid contamination.

“When choosing equipment, we needed reliability, accessibility (response to an issue is essential) and affordability. “Affordability to us wasn’t necessarily capital cost although this is import, but more importantly cost to produce. We needed to know that, if there was a breakdown (which inevitably there will be), we could be confident that spares were in stock and assistance would be dispatched in a timely manner.

“We tried many suppliers over a period of three years but settled on Mach-Tech. We were very impressed with their factory and their team. We now find ourselves proud owners of two Jupiter 3200’s and a Komet 2800 along with other sundry equipment.

“The training given was first class and the Austrian engineering is impressive. We as a company are very pleased with our purchases.”

S.D. WASTE PAPER RECYCLING CENTRE: DATA shredding is all about data protection and is essential for businesses, government agencies, and individuals who deal with sensitive data. Professionals such as the SD Waste Paper Recycling Centre in Manchester have the expertise, experience and the prominent equipment to not only guarantee the destruction of data but also offer recycling services for paper, carboard and plastics.

To support their performance in all of these areas, SD waste operates a Lindner Micromat 2000 single-shaft shredder. The winning combination of the Micromat’s intelligent software, powerful drives and the new Lindner Multiplex rotor keeps the line continuously busy with the necessary material – all day and all night.

NORTH YORKSHIRE POLYMER COMPUNDS shred 20 tonnes of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) per day, down to a 40mm fraction size for granulation and to be ready for resale, all with a Lindner Micromat 2500.

Tried and tested a thousand times over, this single-shaft shredder is the key to processing a wide range of plastics with maximum productivity and availability.

Years of experience and continuous development have left their mark on the Micromat’s distinctive design.

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