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Bilingual Skip Hunk Ryan speaks the language of love

Bilingual Skip Hunk Ryan speaks the language of love

HE’S in the hot seat – meet Skip Hunk Ryan Curtis of Norman Wenn Ltd.

Hi, who do we have here?
I’m Ryan Curtis, 29 and I work at Norman Wenn Ltd as a Machine Operative.

How long have you worked there, and what do you do day to day?
I’ve been there 10 years; I operate the grab and sort the waste.

10 years! You must like it there. What’s so good about it?
The laid-back environment, banter with my colleagues, the heated seat in the grab and Norman’s a good ol’ boy!

That heated seat sounds pretty cosy. Anything you don’t like?
When the weather is windy – because as soon as I sort the rubbish, the wind blows it back to where I’ve just picked it up from.

Imagine that hot seat goes into meltdown on those days! Any really memorable days at work?
The day we saved two little kittens from the yard. We had to scramble through brambles and undergrowth to get to them. Got covered in mud and thorns!

What a hero! How do you spend your time away from work?
Football and family time. The best thing I’ve ever done is become a dad to my three amazing little girls.

They’re lucky girls; not many have a Skip Hunk for a dad! Romance is in the air – who would be your perfect date?
I better say the wife in case she reads this.

Seems a wise move. Can we bestow some superhero powers upon your brow? What would you like?
To pause time, like in Bernard’s Watch.

And it shall be done – maybe. Meanwhile, let’s hear your theme tune.
Sexy Boy – Shawn Michael’s WWE’s Entrance Music.

Surprise us with a fascinating fact about yourself.
I’m learning to speak Hungarian.

Csodálatos! (That’s ‘amazing’ according to Google Translate). Sum yourself up in three little words (in English, please).
Honest, sarcastic and friendly.

The boss has decided you need a holiday – where would you love to go?
Anywhere I could go deep sea diving!

Careful… you could end up in the middle of the North Sea. First, let’s have something to eat – who would you love to invite to dinner?
Gordon Ramsay, so he can cook!

Smart move. He’s one of the world’s most famous chefs, but have you ever met anyone famous?
Norman Wenn, local celeb.

Can we interest you in a million-pound-winning Lottery ticket? What would you buy?
I’d travel the world and do something exciting!

Finally, we’d love to hear your best joke.
I spent ages trying to think for a decent skip joke… turns out they were all rubbish!

We love it! And we’ve loved having you as our Skip Hunk of the Month. Thanks Ryan!

Norman Wenn Ltd is based in Norfolk, and has more than 30 years of experience in waste and haulage.
Find out more at www.normanwenn-skiphire.co.uk

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