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Race into February with speed demon Skip Hunk Josh

Race into February with speed demon Skip Hunk Josh

THIS month’s Skip Hunk is petrolhead Josh Mitchell, of KCM Waste Management.

Howdy! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Josh “Titch” Mitchell, 24, and I work as an HGV mechanic at KCM Waste Management.

Tell us a bit more.
I’ve been there for a year. I fix all the lorries that always seem to be broken!

Just as well they have you, then. So, what’s it like to work there?
Good job, good lads, good management team.

So quite good then? Anything that’s not so good?
Would you believe, the car park!

What’s been the most memorable day at work?
I was once moving a 12-yard skip and it somehow went from being on the forks of the forklift to the windscreen!

Yikes – hope you ducked. What about outside of work? How do you spend your time?
With my beautiful kids.

Tell us about the craziest thing you’ve ever done.
150mph on back wheel. I also once took a mate for a test drive and rolled the car.

Oops. Love is in the air, what’s a romantic guy like you planning for the ideal date night and who with?
I’d take our lass for a sausage and egg butty.

It was going so well. Never mind, let’s give you superhero powers – what would you like?
Be able to make magic fuel, has tha’ seen the prices these days? Daylight robbery at £1.50 a litre!

Let’s hear your theme tune.
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car.

Think you’ve had quite enough fast driving already. Let’s hear a fascinating fact about yourself.
I’ve had more cars than I’ve had hot dinners.

We should have guessed. Now sum yourself up in three little words.
Good looking lad.

Modest too! Where can we send you for a holiday of a lifetime?
America to drive Route 66.

Who would you love to have around for dinner?
My mother, God rest her soul.

Is there someone at work who is guaranteed to make you laugh… and why?
Danny Lidster. He only needs to open his mouth and everyone’s laughing.

Dan’s the man! Imagine winning the Lottery – what’s the first thing you’re going to buy?
A Ford Sierra RS Turbo.

Some of us remember them first time around… Finally, tell us a joke.
I asked a mechanic for a book on automatic gearboxes, but he only had manuals.

Now those HGVs won’t fix themselves, so back to work – and thanks for being a great Skip Hunk.

KCM Waste Management is based in South Yorkshire. There’s still time to grab a 2022 KCM (nearly) Naked Charity Calendar featuring KCM staff. Go to www.kcmwaste.com for details.

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