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SunSkips’ driver Rory gives rescue kitten a ‘purr-fect’ ending

SunSkips’ driver Rory gives rescue kitten a ‘purr-fect’ ending

A TINY stowaway kitten was rescued from a potential cat-astrophy thanks to the swift actions of a SunSkips’ driver.

Rory Finn heard a faint but distinct ‘meow’ sound coming from under a large pile of cardboard as he worked at SunSkips’ Stowmarket site.

“It would have all got picked up by our enormous Sennebogen 360 machine to be taken away for recycling,” explained Rory. “So we had to act fast.”

A fellow driver helped Rory dig down into the pile of cardboard – to uncover a tiny black and white kitten, a whisker away from a terrible fate.

Rory cobbled together a makeshift box for the kitten using bits and pieces found on the site.

“A picker from the yard gave me a wicker basket to keep her in for the day and I popped out at break to grab some kitten food and milk,” he said.

The pair quickly bonded, and Rory soon realised he couldn’t bring himself to part with her.

Before he took her home to stay with him, the SunSkips stray was given a name to help make the adoption official – Sunny.

The UK has almost 250,000 stray cats, while the impact of lockdown, when owners were less likely to neuter their pets, is expected to exacerbate that number.

SunSkips checked with the RSPCA and found that it’s okay to rehome a stray cat, as long as no owner is found and the new owner has fully thought through the commitment (a very sensible ‘claws’).

Luckily for Sunny, this ‘tail’ has a happy ending: Rory had already let his fiancée know that their family was about to welcome a very small new addition.

“She loves her,” Rory said. “As does her 18-year-old daughter. Sunny’s definitely found a family that will take care of her forever.

“Sunny was a bit timid the first night, but now she’s inseparable from us and so happy and loving.”

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