Home Features The UK’s first 35 tonne Terex Fuchs electric material handlers heads out on hire

The UK’s first 35 tonne Terex Fuchs electric material handlers heads out on hire

The UK’s first 35 tonne Terex Fuchs electric material handlers heads out on hire

FOR the last decade, Contract Plant Rental have been providing bespoke contract hire solutions to a wide variety of sectors, satisfying the specific needs of customers nationwide. They are proud to provide the latest machinery from the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, and these latest two Fuchs material handlers are certainly no exception.

The UK’s very first Terex Fuchs electric powered material handlers, supplied by Blue Machinery (Central) Ltd, landed on long term hire with Lancashire Renewables Ltd recently, and were put straight to work. The first electric machine will be feeding their waste plant in Thornton whilst the second will be loading MSW waste at their site in Fleetwood.

As local authorities and businesses nationwide look to meet net zero emissions targets, Lancashire Renewables Ltd welcome the UK’s first fully electric 35-ton waste handlers to the industry. Today the attitude to electric and battery powered vehicles and machinery is changing rapidly with many businesses already investing in electric powered cars, vans, sweepers and refuse trucks. Supplied by Blue Machinery (Central) Ltd via national contract hire specialists Contract Plant Rental, Lancashire Renewables Ltd look set to make an impact with their new electric powered machines.

Lancashire Renewables Ltd Procurement Manager, Alistair Pope explained: “Following an open and successful tender, Contract Plant Rental fully understood and supported our operational requirements to the fullest extent; the Fuchs MHL850F promises to be a formidable piece of equipment.

“Lancashire Renewables Ltd are excited at the prospect of a continued relationship with Contract Plant Rental and the support to move towards more environmentally friendly equipment.”

In addition to the increasing drive to reduce emissions across the country, the recently announced legislation changes to red diesel, a popular fuel used in the heavy machinery sector, means that come April 2022 many waste businesses are set to see a significant rise in their fuel bill.

Sean McGeary of Blue Machinery (Central) Ltd commented: “I feel that 2022 will see a significant increase in the demand for electric machines across the spectrum for traditional diesel hydraulic mobile machines. This is more so for machines where mobility is not the primary function – for example, material handlers and crushing, shredding and screening trains. There is a convenience to having machines with mobile capability, but they typically work on one site without regular movement.

“The demand will increase due to the change in diesel tax legislation as well as a general change in attitude across the construction associated sectors for decarbonisation and planning for the future.”

The Fuchs MHL850F electric drive material handler is designed and built specifically for waste, scrap and port applications. It is destined to be reliable, economically efficient and environmentally friendly. On long term hire by Contract Plant Rental, the Fuchs material handlers produce zero emissions, no exhaust gasses and a significantly reduced noise and heat output. The low energy consumption enormously reduces the environmental impact and the low maintenance costs provide a huge benefit.

Not just better for the environment, the electric powered material handlers offer more efficient working hours, reduced operating costs (up to 60% saving compared to diesel powered equivalent machines) – all without compromise on the performance and quality. The electric motor means low operation and service costs as oil changes, servicing of moving parts of the diesel engine and refuelling are no longer necessary. The electric cable lengths and cable reel designs on the Fuchs electric machines are adapted to each customer’s specific requirements. The machines can be equipped with an internal or external powerpack to move the machine around the yard efficiently. As an additional benefit, the full torque is immediately 100% available when operating which gives more output than traditional diesel-powered machines.

Richard Creighton, Operations Manager for Contract Plant Rental added: “As electric cars become a staple on our roads, it’s only natural that all diesel-powered plant will be heading in that direction. Its advantages in terms of running costs and operator health benefits make it the obvious choice for a wide and varied number of applications.

“As custodians of the industry for a relatively short period of time, we owe it to the next generation to look for processes that not only look after our own health but also that of the planet. The waste industry continues to spearhead the move from landfill to recycling; the move to electric machines powered by carbon neutral, solar and wind power from their diesel-powered predecessor will be a natural progression.”

Set on creating a cleaner and more sustainable future together, Contract Plant Rental look forward to working with suppliers and customers alike nationwide to help combat climate change.

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