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Newport EfW’s 12-month countdown begins

Newport EfW’s 12-month countdown begins

THE final countdown has officially begun as Newport EfW reports it has less than 12-months to go until the plant is officially taking waste. Andusia have reported all the plants latest developments of which we are the sole waste supplier.

As of recent, the plant has welcomed the arrival of key equipment to site in preparation for the final construction phase this year. Alongside this, developments of the structural steel framework have been progressing rapidly as we approach the 12-month countdown.

The plant is actively providing critical infrastructure in South Wales by the means of a renewable energy source, powering 50,000 homes each year, as well as creating many jobs for the local community.

As we progress along the timeline Andusia are working with waste providers and in discussion with local waste authorities to gear up supply to help provide a renewable energy solution for Wales. With the prediction that Newport will be one of the final EfW’s to be built in Wales, Newport provides a convenient and sustainable solution for waste management and disposal, as well as providing energy to the grid.

With an office on site, we will be readily available to show guests around the site. Please do get in touch with us today to discuss the opportunity to visit the site, as well as discuss your RDF, SRF or hazardous waste requirements. Additionally, if you would like further information about our Newport EfW, please do get in touch on 01992 666257 or via enquiries@andusia.co.uk

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